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Igor is a character from the TV series Count Duckula.


Igor is an antromorphised vulture who has been the butler in the Duckula family for thousands of years to all of Count Duckula's previous incarnations at Castle Duckula. When his original master died, he decided to bring him back to life by pouring a bottle of blood into his awakening casket that only happens once every thousand years. However Nanny the housekeeper gave him Tomato Ketchup by mistake causing his awakened master not to be the horrid blood sucking Vampire Duck he had hoped for, but a fangless vegetarian wanting to seek fame and fortune.

Igor was extremely disappointed by this and tried several attempts to get his new master to become an original Vampire Duck without much success. In one particular episode it is stated that his ancestor was the one responsible for the Duckula dynasty in the first place by keeping a vampire bat to bite his master to make him become the first of the Vampire Ducks.


Igor is a miserable butler who enjoys anything that is associated with evil. He is rude, sneaky and sometimes really cruel. Especially when he deliberately ruins his master's chances of become famous or being with a girl he meets.

He hates anything that is good and can't even bear to hear the word as well as holidays such as Christmas where he says: "Bah Humbug" like Ebenezzer Scrooge from a Christmas Carol.

He is infuriated by Nanny's constant bumbling and misunderstanding of instructions and is quick to call her names when this happens. He ends up often having to order a new door for the castle after Nanny breaks it off. He also gets caught in one of Nanny's mistakes and ends up getting hit by her.

Count Duckula finds him annoying with the way he keeps trying to persuade him to become a vampire again which he always rejects.

Despite this Igor does his best to help his master even though he hates what Duckula's intentions are and often tries to protect him from his arch enemy Doctor Von Goosewing.