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Hugo Habercore is a villain from Bob's Burgers.


Hugo is a sad, lonely, pathetic and grudge-holding man, he hates Bob because Linda, his ex-fiance from many years ago, left him for Bob.

When Hugo was first introduced in 'Human Flesh', he was dispatched along with rookie health inspector Ron to go investigate Bob's Burgers, where rumour has t the burgers are made out of human flesh. When Hugo arrived to the restaurant, he started out as passive towards Bob, until he found out he is the husband of Linda, his ex-fiance. This immediatly made Hugo upset and changed Hugo's attitude towards Bob forever. Now, Hugo makes it his mission to make Bob's life a living hell for him by harrasing him every now and then.

He is also ungrateful and neglectful of his partner Ron.


Hugo is a short, pale, overweight man with light-blond hair. He also has a bang covering half his forehead. He also has a cleft chin. He wears a white shirt, grey pants, black socks and brown shoes. In the episode 'Sliding Bobs', Tina states that he is 5'5" but when compared to other characters with confirmed heights, Hugo is 4'8".


  • Is implied to have a good friendship with Bob's rival, Jimmy Pesto Sr.
  • He is the shortest adult male character in Bob's Burgers, standing at 4'8".
  • He was the first antagonistic character who appeared on the show, first appearing in the first episode of Bobs Burgers ever 'Human Flesh'.
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