Houndour is a dog Pokemon from the Johto region. It is a dual Fire/Dark type Pokemon and the first of its kind. It can evolve into a Houndoom.

Houndour hunt as a coordinated pack. They communicate with each other using a variety of cries to corner their prey. This Pokémon's remarkable teamwork is unparalleled.

Ultimate Story

Fox owns a Houndour. It seems to pair up nicely with his Mightyena.

ReBoot Multiverse

Houndour was a pup of Akari's Houndoom. After spending some time in Mainframe, he and his close friend, Growlithe, got lost in the city until they chased after Frisket while he was captured and taken to the Silicon Tor.

Ikran's Lost OoT/Pokémon crossover

Houndour was another one of Zelda II's best Dark-Types. He resides in the Graveyard as a scavenger like Murkrow, and he became very loyal and protective to Link and his comrades. Even in his adult timeline when he couldn't hit his true potential yet. He warned him of a crisis at Kakariko Village when the heroes were returning from the Water Temple. He tried to fight off the phantom beast, but he fell short, and rendered Link unconscious and powerless. He's great at finding secrets and combat whether it'd be over or under the cemetery, even in the Shadow Temple when he evolved after defeating the Dead Hand.


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