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She is the queen of the lava swamp and is the protector of hot peppers. She fell in love with Ho during his attempts to get the hot peppers for Pucca. Upon seeing her, he felt an instant attraction and the two fell in love; causing him to forget his niece. He eventually remembered Pucca was in need of his help and had to leave quickly. Hottie didn't liked it when he left her swamp and even fought with him. Although Ho tried being gentle with his departure, Hottie took his words the wrong way during their fight. When Ho went, it was sad. When she is sad, her hair turns blue. She came to the kitchen where she brought more hot peppers and got reunited with Ho and kissed. She only appears in Hot and Bothered.


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Hottie sad.

Hottie has a Spanish-like style. She has the power of fire and lava, too. Her hair is red and looks as if it were fire, but when she is sad, it turns blue. She has a golden chain necklace and a red dress.


  • Even though Hottie had one appearance and was a love interest to one of the chefs, she is still the only one that remained a love interest. As all three lost Kua to Master Soo.
  • Hottie is also the only love interest to one chef alone. As the three shared a mutual interest in Kua.


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