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Profile - Hopper

"Hopper from A Bug's Life is one of the most effective Disney villains. He knows that he is frightening to the ants, and he makes the most of that. He puts his henchmen to good use, but he's not afraid to do some dirty work himself.

Kevin Spacey did some amazing voice work here; the character comes across as cunning and completely merciless. Hopper is the ultimate intimidator, and he deserves his place in the pantheon of great Disney villains." - Brandon Harbeke"In addition to being menacing and vicious, Hopper has the most interesting character development of Pixar's villians. In the beginning, we are introduced to Hopper from the point of view of the ants, and the audience is almost as afraid of him as they are. He seems very confident of his power, and is hell-bent on oppressing the ants. He comes across as being mean just for the pleasure of it.

But later on in the movie, we discover that the real reason he keeps such an oppressive grip on the ants is because he knows that they can beat him. We find out that that is the reason he's so vicious, and that makes us hate him even more! And because of that crucial character discovery, it enhances the final confrontation between the ants and grasshoppers that much more compelling.