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Hoothoot (Japanese: ホーホー Hoho) is a dual-type Normal/Flying Pokémon introduced in Generation II.

Hoothoot has an internal organ that senses and tracks the earth's rotation. Using this special organ, this Pokémon begins hooting at precisely the same time every day.

It evolves into Noctowl starting at level 20.

Ultimate Story

Peppy is known to own a Hoothoot.

ReBoot Multiverse

Along with Noctowl and Togetic, he went with Akari toward the Desert Port's ways to the Net. He was also very miffed seeing the Crimson Binome again, although he was willing to assist AndrAIa as she and Ray were being chased by pursuing CPUs before they successfully boarded the Saucy Mare and retreated toward the Edge of Beyond.

Ikran's Lost OoT/Pokémon crossover

Hoothoot travels with Link a lot at night in Hyrule Field along with Gastly. The Peahats were his worst enemies ever. Heck, he even assisted Zelda II as she ventured beneath the well at Kakariko Villahe while Link was stranded in the future comatose. During the time paradox, he was a great assistance to Link, Bulbasaur, and Chikorita during the third night at Clock Town. He was injured from the storm a day prior, and since the Vine Whips weren't enough to traverse to the top of the Tower where Skull Kid was, he was just the ticket. Plus, his eye beams were helpful on stunning him as well. Since then, he remained by Link's side...only at night, of course.