Homophobic Anime Girl

Homophobic Anime Girl.jpg

Homophobic Anime Girl is from the video on YouTube called "Is it Wrong to Disagree With LGBT?" (also known as "My friend told everyone I don't support the LGBT" or "I Was Bullied For My Opinion") A video was created by MinuteVideos.

Role in the video

Her friend asked her if she supported the LGBT movement. She didn't know whether to give her honest opinion or lie. She decides, and says "no!". Then she saw her friend's look and thinking about that moment kept her awake. The next day, everyone act hostile towards her and she was confronted by her friend, who revealed she was one of them. She went to the bathroom and prayed just when someone rudely told her to "shut up". For the rest of the day, people mocked her and called her "homophobe", but she tried to explain it was her personal preference. It did not mean she hated them. So she decides to tell her parents. When she does, they tell her it's alright to have different opinions about sexuality, religion and politics as long as you act rudely or disrespectful about it. Sadly, her old friends still treated her badly. She started getting bad grades and nobody wanted to help her. The headmaster called her parents for a meeting, which scared her. They decided for her to change schools so she could start over. A year later, she gained new friends with different opinions. She learned there are better ways to express your opinion without making badly outspoken and "that people will always have different opinions in life, but that is fine". She finishes off with "saying mean things to others is bullying" and that even though people may seem fine, their feelings could be hurt.

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