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Henry Stickmin is the protagonist of The Henry Stickmin Collection who appears in all six games. His role differs depending on the path taken. Example:

  • In Cleaned 'em Out, Capital Gains, Little Nest Egg, Jewel Baron and Stickmin Space Resort, Henry commits/has committed crimes but cannot truly be considered a villain.
  • In Toppat Recruits, Henry is a villain, but does not serve the role as the main antagonist.
  • In Free Man and Pardoned Pals, Henry is a law-abiding citizen and is neither a hero nor an antagonist.
  • In Revenged, Henry's role is debatable, as he is an evil person, yet the route is based off of doing a good deed.
  • In Triple Threat, Valiant Hero, Special BROvert Ops and Master Bounty Hunter, Henry is a hero, proven by the fact that he has taken down an entire criminal organisation or has hunted down their leaders.
  • In Toppat King, Toppat Civil Warfare and Toppat 4 Life, Henry is the main antagonist, with one debatable acception.