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Hazuki Kakio is a supporting character and anti villain in the anime Mouse. She is the martial arts expert on the Team Mouse and is voiced by Stephanie Sheh.


Hazuki Kakio appears to be the youngest member of the Team Mouse. She works as the same double at the same college Sorata works at as a physical education teacher.

Hazuki appeared in the first episode as she agrees with Mei about Sorata Muon running late for work at the college he goes to. Later, as Sorata appeared at his apartment, Hazuki appeared before him, happy to see him, and acts inappropriate towards him, along with Mei and Yakoi, disturbing Sorata. Hazuki was later seen dressed as a cat, along with Mei and Yakoi, as all of them were watching the news, along with Mouse, about pollice officer Onizuka Heitaro, who challenges Mouse to steal the newly built building, the Obadiah Tower. Hazuki stand up for Sorata, as she, Mei, and Yayoi discuss about the history of Mouse, a thief who was famous Japan, around four hundred years ago.

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