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My Bloody Valentine character
The Miner
The Miner
Birth name: Harry Warden
Gender: Male
M.O.: Dressed as a miner and wearing a gas mask; kills people on Valentine's Day using a pick-axe
First Appearance: My Bloody Valentine
Last appearance: My Bloody Valentine 3D
Portrayed by: Peter Cowper
Richard John Walters

Harry Warden (A.K.A. The Miner) appears in the 1981 Canadian Slasher film My Bloody Valentine and the 2009 3D remake of the same name.

Meet Harry Warden[]

Harry Warden, much like the character of Leonard Murch in Prom Night, was a target of speculation and estimation in who was the masked killer killing the partying adolescents.

Harry, much like Murch, also has a history of committing atrocities naturally making him the main suspect of the gruesome youth murders.

However, Harry, like Murch, are both innocent in the main massacre occurring.

Harry Warden was once a miner working the Hanniger Mine in small coastal town of Valentine Bluffs. Two foremen failed to check the methane gas levels down in the mine and instead departed for the local Valentine Dance. Because of this grave mistake, seven miners were killed and trapped in the explosion.

One of which was Harry Warden.

Harry was recovered by local man Happy and brought to the hospital.

It was found out Harry survived by eating the remains of the dead caved in miners and has since gone crazy.

When released the following February the 14th, Harry exacted revenge upon the foremen by killing them with a pick-axe and placing their hearts in heart shaped candy boxes.

He also swore a vow of bloody vengeance should anyone try and celebrate a Valentine Party again he would take their hearts too.

What really happened[]

Harry Warden in reality died five years before the gruesome murders committed on February 14 by Axel Palmer, the tragic witness of his father's gruesome murder and mutilation at the hands of Warden.

For you see, Axel's father happened to be one of the informants.

In the 2009 remake, Harry was shot and killed by Ben Foley and former Bluff's sheriff, Jim Burke.

He was buried not far from the hatch leading out of the Hanniger Mine. And in the remake Tom Hanniger was the killer reliving Harry's wrath of terror and had dug up his bones and mask, donning both.

The Ballad of Harry Warden[]


My Bloody Valentine - The Ballad of Harry Warden (Theme Song)

The Legend of Harry Warden