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Gwen, labeled The Loner, was a camper, and one of the finalists of Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. She returned as a cast member on Total Drama Action and was the captain of the Screaming Gaffers. She also returned for Total Drama World Tour and was a member of Team Amazon. She was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and had a cameo appearance in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean. She was also a contestant on Total Drama All-Stars as a member of the Villainous Vultures.


Gwen is a goth girl whose interests lie in art and astronomy. She is dark, independent, and level-headed, stating her best quality is her inability to get excited over minuscule things. Her attitude at first seems cold and harsh, but she is not a bitter person, rather cautious of whom she lets into her life. Beneath her tough exterior is a kind heart that learns to trust as the series progresses, Gwen's guard lowering with each season. Despite her distaste for whatever "the sheep" are fond of, she actually does desire to be welcomed by the popular crowd. As revealed in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, she distances herself from it because she believes it is not where she belongs. She isn't afraid to stand her ground should her reputation take a hit. Gwen also suffers from claustrophobia, as seen in Phobia Factor, The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, and Zeek And Ye Shall Find. She believes strongly in karma, and is also a huge fan of horror movies, the clichés of which will sometimes dictate how she performs in challenges.

Total Drama Island[]


Gwen didn't sign up for this with cruelty.

When Gwen arrives in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, she is already very disappointed, and even a little angry, at the location of the island. Gwen seems to be a bit displeased by many things, such as Geoff's happy attitude towards everything, Cody, who she throws out of her cabin after he tries to flirt with her, and Lindsay, who she called an idiot due to her poor knowledge in living the outside world. Gwen attempts to ignore Trent as well, but can't help smiling at him. Gwen immediately makes enemies with Heather when she addresses her as "weird goth girl."

While often complaining about the the camp's condition as well as the campers' weird habits, Gwen admits to herself that she might as well do her best to win the competition. In The Big Sleep, she is the last person in her team standing in the Awake-A-Thon and right after it is discovered that Duncan had fall asleep in the washroom, Chris announces that Gwen is the winner of the challenge, having fallen asleep at the

last second. During the challenge, she bonded with Trent and the two had a conversation about their interests in order to stay awake. As a result of staying awake for several hours, Gwen spends most of the time in Dodgebrawl drowsy and stay out for most of the challenge.

In Not Quite Famous, Gwen spends most of the time by either by herself or with Trent, not wanting to join her team on auditioning for the talent show. While writing her diary, she is bothered by Cody, who displayed stalker-like affection towards her to the point of sniffing her hair. Annoyed, Gwen leaves to take a swim at the lake with Trent joining her. While the two of them are talking, Owen andCody ruin the moment by diving into the lake and splashing her. She angrily leaves the dock saying she hates the island with Cody and Owen confused of her sudden raise in temper. That night, Gwen is shocked to find out that Heather had stolen her diary and read it out loud to the entire viewing audience that she had a crush on Trent. Embarrassed, Gwen quickly run away. Gwen refuse to let Heather gets away with her actions. After the challenge has ended, Gwen borrows a red ant farm from Harold, and dumps in Heather's bed. This episode marks the beginning of Gwen's long, complicated rivalry with Heather.


Gwen facing her fear; being buried alive.

In Phobia Factor, Gwen admits her fear of being buried alive, due to her claustrophobia. For her part of the challenge, she has to be buried alive for five minutes. To help her out, Trent tries to talk to her via a walkie-talkie, but Gwen is left alone after Trent faces his own fear of mimes. Unintentionally, she is left in there much longer than just five minutes, since Trent forgets all about her after he overcome his fear and gets distracted helping Chris pranking Geoff. After a while, Trent finally remembers about her and dig her out of the casket. Angry at him abandoning her, Gwen threw her walkie-talkie at Trent and did not forget about this incident. Nevertheless, Gwen earns a point for her team.

In Up the Creek, when Trent and Gwen are just about to become canoeing partners, Cody manages to grab Gwen when she is alone, and attempts to persuade her to be his partner. Cody and Gwen become canoe partners, but only because Trent is also snagged off-guard by Lindsay and Beth. While Cody believes that he have a chance of getting Gwen fall for him, Gwen admits that Cody is acting like "a very annoying little brother." Cody attempts to asks Gwen out on a date even after Gwen harshly refuses him several times and finally submits after Gwen whacks him in the groin. Cody finally realizes she likes Trent, but she whacks him in the groin again when Cody admits he made a bet with Owen to get one of her bras. Much later into the episode, Cody successfully gets Gwen and Trent into a canoe together, and Gwen awards him with one of her bras.


Gwen and Heather continue to be on each others throats in Who Can You Trust?.

After a three episode losing streak, Gwen's team begin to have a little luck regain since the removal of Beth from their team after she accidentally curse them. In Who Can You Trust?, Gwen's conflict with Heather continue and they are paired up for the first part of the challenge. As a prank, Heather tied an extra rope on Gwen's skirt and pulls it while she is climbing the mountain, ripping her skirt and exposing her underwear in front of the entire viewing audience. Despite being embarrassed about this, she manage to get to the top and win the challenge. She is later paired with Leshawna for the toboggan race down the cliff and they manage to win invincibility for their team for the first time in four episodes. Gwen again contribute to her team's victory in Basic Straining, overcoming all the obstacles Chef Hatchet threw at her and being the last contestant standing. As her team celebrate her victory, Chef come up to Gwen and salute her in respect, something Chef rarely shows to any of the contestants.

In X-Treme Torture, Gwen and Bridgette found a haiku addressed to "the girl with smoldering eyes."Believing that their respective love interest wrote it for them, the two girls begin to argue, trading insults about the others respective love-interest and bet two nights' dessert on who the poem was written for. However, whenever Gwen asked Trent about the haiku, many of the campers stared awkwardly at her, due to her saying it in an awkward way. Seeing how dense Trent is even after he was injured, Gwen come to believe that he isn't the person who wrote the haiku. Bridgette later admits defeat after Geoff tells her he doesn't know what a haiku is. The girls make amends after their failures and hug each other, promising to figure out who wrote the poem together. Gwen and Bridgette thought that the only reasonable contenders would be Owen or DJ, due to Harold being "Harold" and Duncan having a big crush on Courtney. However, they find out that neither DJ or Owen are the one who wrote it. That night, the girls are shock to find out that the haiku was written by Harold to show his affection to Leshawna. With the whole incident solve, Gwen and Bridgette bid each other good night before returning to their respective cabin.

When the teams are split into boys and girls in Brunch of Disgustingness, Gwen immediately side with her friend, Leshawna against Heather and Lindsay. When Bridgette joins the girls' cabin, Gwen immediately warn her not to trust Heather. Bridgette take her advice and joins her and Leshawna. After the girls lose to the boys, Gwen and Leshawna lock Heather and Lindsay from their cabins. In No Pain, No Game, Gwen continue to ignore Trent for abandoning her when she was buried alive though she finally accept his apology. Gwen's first task involve Chef pulling her nose hair forcefully which she pass. However, she fail her second task; listening to New Age music torture. During the elimination ceremony, she voted for Eva, calling her a "freak" due to her temper.


Gwen and Trent sharing their first kiss.

In Search and Do Not Destroy, Gwen denies that she still have a crush on Trent despite being caught on camera drawing a picture of him. For the challenge, Gwen has to get her key from a skunk's burrow. With Trent's help, she manage to retrieve it. In return for helping her, Gwen gives Trent a kiss. Watching from afar, Heather vows to break them apart, seeing their relationship as the formation of an alliance. Heather sends Lindsay to get Gwen to the Dock of Shame where she kisses Trent right in front of Gwen. Heartbroken, Gwen leaves in tears and tell Leshawna about what had happen. Determine to help her friend, Leshawna rallies the other contestants to vote off either Trent or Heather. Since Heather is immune, Trent receives the most votes and is eliminated. Heather then reveals to everyone that she had set them up in order to get Trent eliminated. Trent and Gwen make amends to each other and as they are about to share another kiss, Chris interrupts them and send Trent to the Boat of Losers. As Trent slowly sail away into the night, Gwen tearfully wave at him goodbye. For the next few episodes, Gwen is still sad about Trent's elimination but is still determine to get her revenge on Heather. However, Heather continue her winning streak and thus, survive being eliminated. In That's Off the Chain!, Gwen is disgusted with the way Heather treated Lindsay after everything the latter had done for her. She is amazed to see Lindsay standing up against Heather and part ways with Lindsay in good terms, despite disliking her stupidity as well as allying with Heather in ruining her relationship with Trent.

Gg woohoo

Geoff gets Gwen to let loose and get out of her depressing attitude.

In Hook, Line, and Screamer, Gwen forms a bond with fellow horror-movie enthusiast, Duncan and they begin to talk about their favorite scene from their favorite movie; Blood Bath II: Summer Camp Reign of Terror, leading Heather to tease them. When the campers find out that a killer is on the loose, Gwen immediately take up leadership role and teaches them about the rules on surviving a horror movie-like situation. However, none of the campers (except Duncan) listen to her and leaves the campfire, much to their annoyance. Eventually, she and Duncan are the only campers remaining, with Gwen expressing her annoyance that nobody take her seriously. In the end, Duncan also left and Gwen angrily storm to the kitchen, not caring about the rules anymore. While eating a sandwich, Gwen notice the killer behind her but she isn't afraid, believing him to be a poorly paid actor. She further angered the man by telling him that he isn't scary until he remove his hook, revealing his stumped hand. Suddenly, Chris, Chef and the other campers barge into the main lodge to warn her that the man is an actual psycho killer. Just as the killer is about to attack her, Gwen kicks him in the face out of self-defense. This angered the killer and leaves the building in annoyance. With this, Gwen is awarded invincibility and join in the group hug bidding DJ farewell. In Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, Gwen wins the challenge again, this time by catching her duck faster than the other campers. She is able to lure the duck into the cage using duck bait after outrunning it. Gwen is rewarded with a feast which was ruin by Owen while he is chasing his chipmunk.

In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, Gwen is paired up with her least favorite contestant, Geoff which she is not excited about. Geoff's easy, ongoing, and positive attitude annoys Gwen. Throughout the challenge, Geoff take his time in everything and even taking pictures with his camera. Eventually, Gwen loses her patience with him and threw the camera into the lake before demanding Geoff to take things more seriously. Geoff admits to Gwen that he always wanted to her friend and invite her to his parties if they are ever in the same school. Gwen then reveals that she wish she could be the type of person who would enjoy parties but she never attend any, believing that it wasn't in her DNA. Geoff lighten her up and promise to invite her to a party once the competition is over. Upon hearing this, Gwen start to lighten up a bit and they continue with the challenge. During the elimination ceremony, Gwen is shocked to find out that Geoff is voted off. Duncan, Heather and Owen reveals that Geoff's popularity and niceness is a treat to them and thus, they voted for him. Geoff accepts his fate, and heads for the Dock of Shame. On the way, Gwen stops him and gives him back his camera, which she fished out of the water on Boney Island. Gwen is about to say goodbye when Geoff grabs her and takes a picture of them.

When it comes down to the final four, Gwen and Heather are still being on each others throat, even after they are stranded on a deserted island following a flash flood. Duncan is pull in into the conflict, who states that their constant arguing is annoying him. The three of them would spend most of their time arguing or alone until Owen returns and convince that they would have a better chance of surviving if they stick together. In order to calm everyone down, Owen tells them that they should confess their deepest darkest fears. Although what she did is not revealed to the audience, Heather questions Gwen's sincerity and if Gwen is even her real name. In Are We There Yeti?, Gwen is once again partnered with Heather. Despite their conflict, they eventually realize that if they ever wanted to win the challenge, they must cooperate. Eventually, the girls trick the boys into giving them their supplies one night and they reach the finish line first. When Duncan is eliminated, she bids him farewell.


After Heather's elimination, Gwen is in the final two with Owen.

In I Triple Dog Dare You!, Gwen manage to perform most of her dares well without much trouble while directing the harder ones to Heather. At one point, she is forced to take Geoff's dare and opted not to use her freebie. The game continue with one dare after another and after a while, Gwen decides to end things fast by convincing Owen to take down Heather together with the promise of sharing the prize money with him if she wins or a box full of donuts if he wins. Owen agrees and the two of them throw Heather with many challenges while using their freebies to save themselves. In the end, Heather is finally eliminated, making Gwen and Owen the final two of the season.

In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Gwen express her opinion on the island and states that almost every camper (with the exception of five one them) are insane in their own way. When ask what is she planning to use the prize money for, Gwen states that she will give half of it to Owen as she promised in the previous episode and the remaining will be used to get into a good university. When Owen reveals that he is hosting a party after he wins, some of Gwen supporters switch to Owen's side, leaving only Cody, Eva, Trent and Leshawna her supporters. Seeing how greedy they are, Gwen calls those who betray her "sell-outs." Gwen has the lead for most of the challenge, with Trent running by her side for moral support. Along the way, Heather tries her best to make sure Gwen do not win by ripping Justin's shirt in order to distract her though this backfires as Owen is distracted too. Not long later, Gwen has a good lead as Owen had to use the bathroom as he ate the cupcake that Gwen received from Trent (Heather in reality).

Gwen crossing the finish line

Gwen wins Total Drama Island.

In Owen's ending, she is winning until Owen gets motivated by the brownies that Izzy made and runs all the way to the finish line, pushing Gwen aside along the way and causing her to be the runner-up, but allowing her to regain confidence in Trent. At this moment, Trent lifts Gwen onto his shoulders and convinces her to go out with him. Gwen finally agrees. In Gwen's ending, Trent encourage her not to give up after Owen knock her down. Owen ends up a few inches away from the finish line after tackling Izzy and by the time he realize it, Gwen had already pass him and is declared the winner of the season. After receiving the final marshmallow, Gwen declares that with her remainning money, she can still setup a huge party and invites everyone except Heather. Like in Owen's ending, she and Trent are officially a couple. In both endings, Gwen and the girls cheer as Owen, Duncan and Geoff throw Chris into the lake and is about to do the same to Chef Hatchet. At the end of the episode, Gwen tries to be kind to Heather, but playfully reminds her that she still stank literally and metaphorically.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Gwen spends most of her time at Playa Des Losers hanging out with Trent and Leshawna, whom she considers her closest friends on the island. When Chris declares an extra challenge for one million dollars, Gwen and the other campers refuse until they give in to the temptation of losing an easy million. If Gwen is the winner instead, Gwen refuses to surrender her money until Chris brings up that it is in her contract, angering her. She teams up with Trent and Leshawna for most of the challenge until Leshawna leaves to get her revenge on Heather. In the end, she and Trent are among those who fall into Lake Wawanakwa and are qualify for Total Drama Action after the briefcase is eaten by a shark. Gwen and Duncan are among those who reject the idea of joining another season but are forced to as it is in the fine print on their contract.

Total Drama Action[]


Gwen assures Trent that neither of them will get too competitive while on different teams.

Gwen returns to compete for one million dollars in Total Drama Action. Gwen does not share a bunk with anyone after the first episode, due to Bridgette being voted off. She starts out being as close as ever to Trent, her now-official boyfriend, but things quickly get tense in Alien Resurr-eggtion, when Trent becomes jealous of Gwen and Duncan's close friendship. Gwen notices Trent going out of his way to fit into their conversations and failing miserably, which makes her feel awkward. Despite the tension, Trent proves his worth when he saves Gwen's lucky necklace from falling in the sewers, sacrificing his potential win for the challenge. Gwen is so awed by his devotion that she gives Trent her necklace as a good luck charm, saying it looks good on him. She and Trent win the challenge, but in a shocking twist, the two winners are now forced to become founders of the two new teams for the season, meaning Trent and Gwen have to compete against each other, much to their displeasure.

In Riot On Set, Gwen becomes the captain of the Screaming Gaffers. She picks Duncan, Leshawna, Harold, DJ, and Heather to form her team. Because Duncan is her first pick, Trent is once again jealous of Gwen's friendship with him, who retaliates by picking "the beautiful" Lindsay for his team first. Gwen's comparatively casual choice of Duncan made her realize that Trent is now trying to make her jealous of him, which leaves her shocked. Trent's behavior in this episode continues to surprise Gwen as he outright calls her and Duncan "punk wannabes" when Duncan catches Gwen when she falls from the steep hill, having the other Killer Grips gasp in shock as Gwen and Duncan become gravely annoyed. Gwen tries to keep her cool and focus on defeating the whole opposing team rather than just Trent. Through this, Gwen's team wins the first challenge. Gwen later assures Trent that she has no romantic feelings for Duncan, who she says keeps a secret photo of Courtney under his pillow.

However, in Beach Blanket Bogus, Trent begins to act strangely as he becomes oddly particular about the strangest things, such as how many eggs he has on his plate. Duncan has now resorted to pranking him, but seems to have no real animosity towards him and is just poking fun at him for his obsession over Gwen. When Gwen's team wins their first challenge, she gives a friendly hug to Duncan, convincing Trent (in his eyes), that Gwen would eventually betray him. When the cast return to Total Drama Island for the remainder of their beach-themed challenge, Trent's obsession for Gwen reaches new levels in wanting to name the Killer Grips' sand castle after her, as well as doing absolutely everything nine times. Gwen realizes the significance of the number when Duncan points out that the number of letters in her name combined with the number of letters in Trent make up nine. Harold adds that the obsession with the number started when Trent first took an interest in Gwen. This causes her to panic when Trent

t tries to strike up a conversation with her and she discovers him carrying nine branches. Later, Trent throws a dance-off challenge against Leshawna, believing that Gwen would be saddened if her team lost. Gwen feels responsible for causing his mental distress. The two have a private chat in the forest where they iron out their problems. As they are about to kiss, Owen reveals himself in wanting to see them make out. They respond by throwing branches at him.

Snapshot 2009-02-09 01-40-33

Trent helps Gwen after her painful landing.

Despite Gwen's attempts to keep the relationship together, she officially breaks up with Trent in 3:10 to Crazytown as he continues to throw challenges for her sake while she simply wants to win the competition fair and square. Seeing that the obsession for her was changing Trent for the worse, Gwen gently ends their relationship. However, Justin overhears this and calls Gwen out on cheating to win. He exposes the situation to the entire Killer Grips team, whom initially does not believe that Gwen would resort to such measures, but Gwen shamefully admits to her being in the wrong by not resolving the situation sooner. Justin and the others found it hard to trust Gwen until she tells them specifically to vote off Trent in order to prove that she honestly wanted to win the right way. The team does as Gwen instructed, thus eliminating Trent from the competition without even having a chance to say goodbye to Gwen. Gwen, however, is shown a video of Trent being escorted out via Chris, who simply did it just to make Gwen feel even worse about what she had done. Due to Gwen allowing things to get out of hand this far in the competition, she now apparently "owes" the Killer Grips (at the insistence of Justin) even after following her advice to vote Trent off; as a result, Gwen and Justin become closer enemies.

In The Aftermath: I, there seem to be only a few people who agree with Gwen's decision to break up with Trent and get him voted off the show. At the end of the episode, the only people of the non-participating contestants that seem to still agree with her are Cody and possibly Geoff (who was her most vocal supporter). He may or may not have changed his mind after making up with Bridgette (who was an avid Trent supporter from the beginning, despite Gwen being one of her best friends) and hearing Trent's side of the story. This turn of events indicates that Gwen has become somewhat unpopular amongst the show's contestants, despite proving to be such a competent and honest contestant.

In The Chefshank Redemption, Gwen begins to throw challenges for the Killer Grips throughout the prison challenge. Heather is suspicious about her and keeps accusing Gwen of trying to make their team lose. During the escape tunnel challenge, Gwen slows her team down by faking claustrophobia and whacks Harold on the head with a gold shovel. As it was down between Gwen and Heather for the final Gilded Chris Award, Heather gets the trophy and heads up to the podium to tell everyone what a loser Gwen was. In the confessional, Heather, Harold, and Leshawna votes her off. Leshawna and Harold both vote off Gwen for the shovel incident. As she is being handcuffed by Chef in order to head to the Lame-o-Sine, Duncan offers to take Gwen's place, as a way of saying he really wants to be out of the competition, but is quick to say that he was just kidding when Chef agrees to it. Gwen tells Duncan he won't get out of the competition that easily and wishes him lots of luck. In the confessional, it is revealed that the Grips ordered Gwen to vote herself off the show. Gwen is the first contestant from the Screaming Gaffers to get voted off, and the first person to ever vote themselves off in the Total Drama series.


Gwen leaves Total Drama Action with a smile, despite all the drama that had happened.

In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, the Screaming Gaffers have learned about Gwen cheating on behalf of the Killer Grips, though they do not yet know that she had been blackmailed into doing so by Justin. However, Duncan is impressed of her actions instead as he "didn't know she had it in her."

In The Aftermath: II many of the other contestants (especially Courtney, Katie, and Sadie) and most of the audience seem to not like Gwen much anymore as she is booed by the whole audience when she comes out on stage, with everyone believing that Gwen had sold out Trent to stay in the competition instead of just taking a break from him. She is criticized by everyone for the way she broke up with Trent. Throughout the show she states that she does still cares deeply about Trent and likes everyone on the show, and truthfully states that she and Duncan are only friends. This however, does not get through to Courtney as Geoff, for his own amusement, manipulatively displays an off-screen scene in which she and Duncan allegedly almost kissed. A jealous Courtney, who refuses to see that Gwen is telling the truth about herself and Duncan, chooses to believe Geoff, and is infuriated, thereby sealing her rivalry with Gwen. When Gwen is about to go into a piranha-infested dunk tank at Geoff's insistence, Trent helps stop it and says he did cheat so he knew he would be kicked off. Trent's intervention allows him and Gwen to make up with each other, as she thanks him and apologizes for what she did to him. Trent returns this, saying they are even. Currently, the two of them have returned to being friends. Additionally, Trent was able to fix her reputation and relationship with everyone on the show again, except Courtney.

Gwen vote

Gwen votes for a winner.

Gwen is mentioned in One Million Bucks, B.C. because of her relationship with Duncan. Throughout the episode Courtney tells off Duncan about his "close friendship" with Gwen, assuming that Duncan purposely tried to hook up with her. Duncan truthfully denies this at all times, along with admitting he is still crazy about Courtney. Gwen appears again in The Aftermath: III, now as a commentator sitting next to Trent. However she has no lines in this episode. In Mutiny on the Soundstage, Gwen is shocked along with the other contestants about the tie between Duncan and Beth.

Like everyone else, Gwen is seen again in The Aftermath: IV. She is embarrassed when Trent plays the guilt trip while asking his question. Later, she gets her chance, and asks the two finalists "what would they do with the money to help the environment when they're not thinking of themselves." Gwen likes Beth's answer, until Duncan says his answer and she then says she knows who her vote goes to. Gwen is later seen in the voting stall where she says she won't show her vote as she doesn't want to be seen as "predictable." Gwen is seen smiling when Duncan wins, but doesn't really cheer along with everyone else.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, it is revealed that after Total Drama Action, Gwen begins a web show to talk about her time on Total Drama with the rest of the cast and to help the environment. Katie and Sadie join her as her assistants (though they would speak before they were supposed to). This implies that they are not mad at her anymore. The show soon came under attack by Heather, who mocks the show with her own web video. This causes Gwen to lash out with secretly recorded footage. The two were brought into Celebrity Manhunt's studio for an interview, only to get into a fist fight. Around the same time, Gwen has been receiving e-mails from fans who asked whether she liked Duncan or not. She denies them and states that Duncan already has a girlfriend. However, after discovering that Duncan and Courtney had broken up, Gwen states in her blog that Courtney is nuts to break up with Duncan and accidentally calls Duncan hot. This show that at this point, Gwen is already attracted to Duncan. Gwen joins the other contestants at the red carpet show, only to find that Chris is starting a new reality show. She teams up with the rest of the cast to stop Chris and his new team, but their efforts are in vain when Courtney drives the bus off a cliff. Gwen is amongst the people rescued by Chris and she qualifies for Total Drama World Tour. In the makeup trailer confessional Gwen comments that this may be her season.

Total Drama World Tour[]


Gwen is motivated by irritant Cody to sing to avoid being eliminated instantly.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Gwen got off the bus after Heather, and asked for a seat as far away from Heather and her "pony hair" ponytail. Duncan makes a joke about Heather's hair as well, and Gwen laughs, much to the disgust of Courtney. At first, Gwen refused to sing, along with Duncan, but after Bridgette read the rules of the competition and irritant Cody persuaded her, Gwen changed her mind and sang along with the others. During the challenge, Gwen was climbing the pyramid by herself, until Duncan offered for her to join him and Courtney. Gwen and Courtney started arguing all the way up to the top of the pyramid, which lead to Duncan becoming highly annoyed with the two and causing him to quit. Gwen, along with Courtney, were both sad when Duncan decided to quit. Gwen was placed on Team Amazon, along with Heather, Courtney, Izzy, and Cody.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Gwen was still in shock that Duncan quit the competition. Cody tries to weird hit on Gwen again, sinceTrent is gone, but Gwen only thanks him about helping her get closer to Trent. During Lovin' Time, Gwen sings as a part of a trio including Courtney and Heather during the song, but has no solos. Gwen laughs at Heather, when she tells the rest of the team that they should listen to her more. Gwen and her team get lost on their camel and causes them to arrive at the Nile last. After Sierra switches onto Team Amazon by giving away Izzy, the team is able to cross the Nile easier, but aren't able to get their camel onto their boat until Alejandro requests Izzy to help them out. During Rowin' Time, Gwen has minimal participation, but has a small solo, pleading the crocodiles to let them reach the shore. Gwen, and the rest of her team, were able to cross the finish line first and escape elimination.


Gwen and the rest of Team Amazon win the challenge.

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Gwen, Courtney and Heather are still on bad terms with each other. When Courtney calls herself the "team leader," Gwen tells Courtney that they don't need a team leader, because they are already winning. Gwen had two solos in Before We Die. During the first challenge, Heather suggested that Gwen do it, adding that Gwen's face needing "remodeling," Gwen reminds Heather that they are on the same team and tells her to flip the "witch switch" off. Gwen suggests spinning hockey heads for their commercial, but Heather and Courtney have different ideas. The argument ends up with the girls (except Sierra) storming off. When Chris asked for the Amazons' commercial, Gwen stated that this was very humiliating. But suddenly, Cody and Sierra appear saying that they did a commercial. Cody and Sierra win the challenge for Team Amazon, as Chef liked their commercial because it had exploding donuts.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Gwen and her team are enjoying their time in the winners' compartment. After everyone arrives in the Yukon, Courtney suggests everyone to huddle for warmth, Cody tries to weird hug Gwen, but she pushes him away. During the challenge, Gwen thought it wasn't so hard, until the ice she was standing on was about to break. Gwen is seen later standing by a pole, waiting for her team to pick her up. Gwen and her team sang backup for Bridgette in Stuck to a Pole. Gwen and her team were the last ones to cross the finish lines, but since Team Victory didn't have Bridgette, Team Amazon came in second place, while Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot came in first. 


Gwen slides down the fire pole.

In Broadway, Baby!, Gwen and her team are sitting in the commercial cabin. Gwen offers to help Courtney in voting off Heather if they lose another challenge, which Courtney gladly accepts. Before Courtney was about to suggest they belay up the statue, Gwen sarcastically says it worked so well last time. Gwen's team were the first up the Statue of Liberty, Gwen went down the fire pole first, and seemed to have landed awfully hard, as she said in a strained voice "I'm okay!" Team Amazon won the challenge, after Heather switched Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot's baby carriage with a real baby carriage.

In Slap Slap Revolution, Gwen and Courtney were relaxing and eating chocolates served to them. Gwen had one solo in Eine Kleine, singing about how she couldn't wait for Heather to be eliminated. Gwen and her team came in last place during the second challenge. Gwen, along with Courtney, sat out the last challenge and watched the rest of her team. After Heather got slapped by Leshawna, Gwen said in the confessional that she couldn't have thought of a better way for Heather to take one for the team. Team Amazon won the challenge, after Alejandro let Sierra knock him off.

In The Am-AH-Zon Race, Gwen was watching Sierra work on her "computer." Gwen asked her what she was doing and Sierra told her she was working on her blog and offered Gwen to look at her e-mail when she was finished, Gwen said that would be cool. However, after seeing it wasn't a real computer,

Gwen turned down her offer. After Chris announced where they were going, Gwen stated that since it's the Amazon and they're called Team Amazon, it could be a lucky sign. Sierra told Gwen that it's bad luck to be overly-confident and covered Gwen's mouth, to keep her from saying it again. Chris even announces over the intercom that he hoped no one from Team Amazon said being in the Amazon would bring good luck. After this announcement, Gwen is given dirty looks from all of her teammates. Cody weird begged Gwen if she could look after the EpiPen for him instead of Sierra, in case he gets bitten by bugs that he is deathly allergic to (and because Cody is a very weird and irritant). When they come to the fork in the road, Heather lets Gwen decide which way to go "because she is feeling so lucky." She chooses right, against Cody and Sierra's idea, and Gwen and her team


Gwen accidentally stabs herself with Cody's EpiPen.

are captured by the "Zing-Zings." When Gwen and her team were tied up, Gwen searched through Cody's back pocket for a flashlight so she could use the batteries to contact Chris on the walkie-talkie. Gwen instead found some X-Ray glasses, which could s

ee through Cody's clothes. Gwen freaked out after seeing irritant Cody naked and states in the confessional that everyone wears underwear in the Amazon. Gwen accidentally stabbed herself with the EpiPen in Cody's pocket, which makes her hyper and jittery. Gwen had a solo as a rap in Gypsy Rap. Afterwards, Gwen fell asleep since the EpiPen was beginning to wear off. After Team Amazon lost, Gwen and Courtney were able to talk Sierra into voting off Heather. Gwen was shocked when Chris reveals the challenge wasn't an elimination challenge, that the ceremony was fake, and she knew Heather would definitely get her revenge sooner or later.

In the beginning of Newf Kids on the Rock, Gwen is seen reading a book, until she gets annoyed with Heather climbing through the vents. She and Courtney are sitting together in first class, laughing and gossiping about Heather, and her attraction to Alejandro, for which Heather denied. Later, she is seen in the confessional saying that Heather shouldn't become too obsessed with Alejandro, or it'll mess up her game plan, like her relationship with Duncan did last season. She quickly corrects herself and says Trent. She then demands the tape back. Later, Courtney and Gwen both think they see Duncan, but it is just a rock shaped like him. Sierra tells them that when you "see" people, it means you care about them. When Courtney then wonders why Gwen also thought the rock was Duncan, Gwen claims she has no idea, laughing awkwardly. At the end of the episode, Gwen lies to Heather saying that she's the one who got Team Amazon lost; taking the blame to save Courtney. 


Gwen gets zapped by an eel after she tries to help Courtney.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, Gwen states that she'll take dude smell over leaks any day when she and Courtney complain about the economy section. After they land in Jamaica, Gwen asks Chris if they, excluding Owen and Izzy, would get any help, should they get injured. Chris states that they're broke, implying a no. During the first part of the challenge, she mentions her concerns of getting a sun burn, due to her paleness. The sun starts to burn her, but the burns only get worse when Heather slaps her, reminding her to get moving in the challenge by jumping off the cliff. In the water, she manages to avoid a shark, but gets shocked by the eels as she finds the gold. Alejandro jumps in and saves her, carrying her and the reward out of the water afterwards. Her team wins the first part of the challenge, but she ends up in the infirmary with Owen and Izzy due to electric shock by the eels. When Owen asks her if she was okay, she replies that it's nothing a little coma wouldn't fix and that at least that she's out of the sun. She seems really surprised when she sees Izzy being so smart. As Owen laments over his loss of Izzy, Gwen states that he got sucked out of a plane and nearly died thanks to her, and that it was just that day. When the song bell rings, she complains that she and Owen were in the infirmary, and shouldn’t have to sing, but Chris reminds her that if she doesn't sing, she's would be out of the competition. She provides a little bit of backup singing for Owen as he sings Oh My Izzy. Unlike Owen, she was not released from the infirmary in time to compete in the challenge, and instead was held to recover. She's later seen with her team on the plane as they give angry looks at Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, who won the challenge. In a deleted scene, Gwen is shown relaxing when suddenly a group of eels appear before her and attacked and shocked her.

At the beginning of I See London..., Gwen is shown to have a horrible sun burn located only on her left hand and is confused on how it got there (not knowing what irritant Cody had been doing beforehand). When the challenge is announced with Jack the Ripper, Gwen reveals she did a speech on him in elementary school and Courtney did a report on the city of London. This knowledge actually winds up getting her and Courtney working together graciously. When she, Courtney, and Heather arrive at a room with a medieval torture machine, Gwen volunteers Heather to be the victim, and tortures her until she gets the next clue. Later, Gwen and Courtney go into a punk rock club and find Duncan, whom they capture, which causes her team to win. Later in the confessional, Gwen starts talking about Duncan, and he interrupts her. Duncan asks her what happened to her hand, which she responds saying she was confused to what happened to it, but was glad he was back to make fun of her about it, Duncan returned the compliment and grabbed her sun-burned hand, which stung, but they end up kissing with Tyler as the sole witness.

In Greece's Pieces, Gwen is talking with Courtney about Duncan. She says in the confessional that she feels like a terrible person for kissing Courtney's boyfriend, now that she has become her friend. Although, Gwen says she would like to kiss him again. After Chris announces they're going to Greece, she is seen flirting with Duncan. Gwen, along with Duncan, volunteer themselves for the first challenge. Later, she sings Greek Mix with Duncan and gets a golden medal. In the tie-breaker, Tyler reveals the secret of Duncan and Gwen's kiss, causing Courtney to become furious with Gwen and yell at her. Courtney tries to attack Gwen, saying that she has lost all trust she had just started to develop with Gwen. After seeing how sad Gwen was, Cody decided to win the challenge so she could stay, but Gwen is slapped by Courtney. At the end of the episode, she says that she loved the kiss, but wonders if the kiss was really worth it. Gwen then sneaks into the elimination ceremony, to see who is getting eliminated. Once Duncan is safe, Gwen silently cheers.

In The EX-Files, she is seen alone in the first class cabin, as Gwen finds herself the new target amongst her teammates. She talks with Duncan in the plane, making Courtney even angrier at them. With Courtney still psysicopath furious at her, she finds herself being called the new Heather. Gwen is scolded by her teammates after accidentally leading them onto a minefield, she stays silent while Heather and Courtney sing, Boyfriend Kisser, a song reprimanding her for kissing Duncan in I See London..., she tries to congratulate irritant Cody in the attempt to pull him into an alliance, but is cut short by Heather. In Area 51, Duncan and Gwen share their second kiss and the two agree on becoming a couple. Gwen manages to find an alien artifact, but while running to give it to Chris, she is tripped by Courtney, fortunately for her Chris caught the box and gives Team Amazon the victory, saving Gwen from elimination.

Australia gwen hungry koala

Gwen cannot feed the koala in the tie-breaker against Courtney because of her allergies.

In Picnic at Hanging Dork, Gwen makes an alliance with irritant Cody, offering out later if he helps her out with Courtney. During the emu challenge, Gwen rides alone and reaches the peak quite late. During the bungee-jumping challenge Gwen grabs a cactus instead of a sheep, causing her to yowl in pain. When she sees Duncan fake-crying over Courtney, Gwen angrily talks to herself because she thinks he still has feelings for Courtney. At the elimination ceremony, Gwen ties with Courtney and the two are forced into a tie-breaker challenge where they have to feed two starving koalas without using their hands. Unfortunately, Gwen is allergic to eucalyptus and her face immediately begins to puff up. Due to Courtney's experience in koala feeding, Gwen ends up losing the challenge and is eliminated. She walks towards the entrance as she insults Courtney and falls from the plane in mid-insult, before being able to put on her parachute. A deleted scene shows that she eventually managed to activate her parachute, and spends her drop complaining about losing because of her allergies, she then cusses out Courtney, and promises to "make her wish she was never born." However, her speech is cut off when she lands next to the same Kangaroo that had punched Duncan earlier. The kangaroo growls angrily at Gwen kicks her in the face before the camera shuts off.

Although Gwen didn't appear in Sweden Sour, she was mentioned multiple times by many of the contestants. Irritant Cody even built a replica of Gwen's head out of wood during one of the challenges, resulting in the song We Built Gwen's Face, and also drew pictures of her. Duncan also carve a picture of her face on one of the chairs to symbolize his feelings for her.

In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Gwen is one of the three guests added to the peanut gallery, the other guests being Noah and Tyler. Blaineley introduced 

her as the girl referred to as "boyfriend kisser," and the "new Heather." Unlike last season, she came into the studio with a smile on her face and wasn't booed by the audience. However, a bear follows her for an unknown reason, but was pulled back by the interns. Like Noah, Gwen doesn't seem to be excited about returning to the plane, but participate anyway due to their contract. While in line, she was reunited with Trent, who brings up about her and Duncan and says that he didn't see it coming (despite his jealousy from the previous season). Gwen did not receive one of the cans that allowed an attempt to return to the competition. After Tyler was eliminated, she talks and jokes around with Trent, showing she is still able to be friends with him.

Gwen was mentioned in Niagara Brawls, when Chris makes the cast think she has returned. As he describes the returning contestant, Heather and Courtney scowl, while Duncan and irritant and weird Cody are both shown smiling and expecting Gwen, but are disappointed to find that it is Blaineley entering the competition instead.

In African Lying Safari, Gwen was mentioned by Heather in order to get Duncan off his game which is successful and Duncan was eliminated. In the exclusive clip of the episode, Duncan tells Gwen that he will be seeing her soon.

In Awwwwww, Drumheller, Gwen was mentioned by irritant Cody, who was having a dream about Gwen asking him to marry her.


Duncan and Gwen kiss for the third time in an exclusive clip inHawaiian Style.

In Hawaiian Style, Gwen was sitting in the Peanut Gallery next to Duncan. Gwen, along the other ex-contestants, were frightened by Bruno and takes cover behind Blaineley's dolly with Duncan holding her. She was also seen in the rest of the episode, cheering for irritant Cody. In a Polish clip from this episode, Duncan and Gwen were relaxing together while Courtney was singing a song insulting them. Duncan eventually got so angry that he threw a sandal at Courtney's face, knocking her down. Gwen smiled at Duncan and they kissed.

In Hawaiian Punch, Gwen was seen cheering for annoying Cody in the first part of the episode and glares at Alejandro for trying to kill him. She was also seen at the top of the volcano when the winner was announced. At the end of the episode, she escapes from the volcano along with the other ex-contestants, and mocked Chris and Chef when their boat was sinking. She is last seen swimming away from the island as it is being covered by lava.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island[]

The Treasure Island of Dr

Gwen once again faces her worst fear.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Gwen appears on the yacht with the other twenty-three original contestants. She and Duncan are seen making out passionately while DJ, Harold, and Leshawna dance nearby.

Gwen appears in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, once again facing her worst fear; being buried underground, but this time with the new contestant,Sam. When she realizes where she is, she begins to hyperventilate and bang on the chest. As part of the challenge, the new contestants are required to save the two of them. Gwen attempts to call Chris with her cellphone, saying he has gone too far, but she faints when Sam farts on her. Eventually, Jo found the chest they are in and Dakota frees them, but she just tosses Gwen aside in order to save her beloved, Sam.

Total Drama All-Stars[]


One of Gwen's many failed attempts to rekindle a friendship with spoiled Courtney.

Gwen returns to All-Stars for the sole purpose of trying to resolve her

friendship with Courtney, but Courtney is not willing to forgive this transgression and continues her hatred towards her from their last encounter. Compared to Total Drama World Tour, she seems to lament the kiss she had with Duncan more than ever, especially when she is placed on the Villainous Vultures solely for her involvement in the love triangle. Because of the contrast she has with most of her team, during the challenges, she would try to make her team work together, but since she was the only one to place any trust in anyone on her team, this often goes nowhere. Several contestants on the team, including Heather, Jo, and Alejandro sometimes try to fake their refusal to work together in order to form an alliance with her, but Gwen doesn't fall for it because she knows what they are up to. In addition, due to a running gag where Gwen would accidentally hurt Courtney in the first few episodes when she is attempting to apologize to her, Chris and the rest of her team think she is actually a villain.

When the season begins, her and Duncan are still in a relationship, although there appear to be some issues regarding it, mostly due to the aforementioned regret from Gwen. Duncan is shown to be the only one who reassures her when she is placed on the Villainous Vultures, but this fails to cheer Gwen up. Though Duncan is among the contestants that think that Gwen is trying to actually be a villain, he still shows commitment to her, such as when he sacrifices himself to get shot by a leech in Saving Private Leechball, which later causes him to be involved with a team switch with Courtney. The two do not interact again until Moon Madness, but the episode also marks the end of their relationship. Frustrated by his mentions of Courtney during the episode, Gwen appears to be jealous and frustrated with him until, at the end of the episode where he mentions her again, she breaks up with him, saying that any thrill of the relationship was over. After their break up, Gwen's opinion on Duncan greatly changes as she frequently makes fun of him whenever he acts like a hero and even ignores him when he tries to warn her about Mal's existence.

Gwen continues to try to make up her friendship with Courtney once she switches teams, but similarly to when they were on different teams, Courtney still hates her greatly at first. Even after Gwen cries in the confessional over her failing to make up this friendship, she still does not believe that she is trying to actually be friends with her, and when Gwen saves Courtney from a deer that was about to attack her, she barely shows any appreciation towards it at all. It is not until No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, where after Gwen tells Courtney that she broke up with Duncan, where the two would start to be friends again, but the next episode has Chris rig the match in order for the two to fight each other. Even though the fight is initially fierce when Courtney is shown videos of Gwen kissing Duncan, this ultimately proves to be beneficial, as the two are able to vent out their frustrations and renew their friendship, allegedly for good. The events of the episode cause them to get along unusually well in You Regatta Be Kidding Me, as the two work together in the challenge even though Chris stated only one person could get immunity and they hope that the other wins the competition if they do not.

Gwen is able to get along with Cameron quickly after he switches teams. She is the only one who does not glare at him when he transfers onto the team and, while they work together during No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, their friendship is put under a strain when, in Zeek And Ye Shall Find, "Mike" tricks him into thinking that she couldn't be trusted. Despite her case of claustrophobia working against her during the challenge, she is still able to save Cameron's life after he falls down a hole into the water, working together and letting her eventually win individual immunity for the first time since Wawanakwa Gone Wild!. She and Zoey also become friends after Zoey attempts to calm her down from her claustrophobia and she remains friends with her for the rest of the season. Despite her making and keeping these two friendships, Courtney and her did not last until the end of the season. Although Gwen was upset to hear that Courtney (accidentally) kissed Cameron while dating Scott, due to all the flak she got from her when she did the same to Duncan, it escalated further in Sundae Muddy Sundae. Due to Courtney's aforementioned relationship with Scott, she intends to betray her once there were only three contestants left. After the chart she made outlining these eliminations was exposed by "Mike," Gwen refuses to work together with her and only wants to be friends with her if Courtney votes herself off that night. Whether she follows through with this promise or not is unknown, but even then, Gwen doesn't seem to miss her when she gets eliminated.


Gwen is unaware of what "Mike" plans to do.

As the only veteran left in the final four, Gwen is happy to have accomplished this feat, but she is also left without any allies in The Bold and the Booty-ful. She also fails to get Scott allied with her due to his perception that it was her fault that him and Courtney were done for good. She is tasked to find a painting of Chris in his cottage, but her progress is slowed down substantially by "Mike" and the painting she finds she finds has a smear on it, causing her to use bear feces in order to get the correct shade of brown. This disgusts Chris and causes her to get disqualified, but she returns for the finale as one of Zoey's helpers. While she helped Zoey get across the first moat, Mal throws her off of the second moat in order to not let her help Zoey any further. While she isn't of any help to Zoey later on, she does at least manage to hit Heather in the head with a stick, which is something she had been wanting to do for four seasons and give Cameron a friendly kiss on the cheek. She is last seen floating away on one of the cabins with Mike, Zoey, and Cameron, telling Mike she never wants to participate in Total Drama again.

Camp TV[]


Gwen's Camp TV design.

Gwen was one of the campers to appear in Camp TV, the prototype series. In Camp TV, Gwen was portrayed simply as a loner instead of a goth.

While she has a huge crush on Trent in Total Drama Island, she and Trent were the worst of enemies and had a great conflict in Camp TV, as shown in a promotional picture where they are in a canoe trying to strangle each other. It was also shown that Gwen was originally supposed to be the love interest ofGeoff (instead of Bridgette) in the prototype series whereas she originally hated him until befriending him later in the series.

In terms of design, Gwen generally bears a strong resemblance to her final design; in Camp TV, her hair is red/crimson rather than black/teal, and her eyes are green instead of black. Her clothing is more simplistic, with her top being short-sleeved, not long-sleeved, and a plain brown color rather than multi-colored, and she also wore jeans instead of a skirt, and sandals instead of boots. Her lipstick is also red, as opposed to teal, and her bangs are a different shape. Originally, Gwen's name was going to be Heather.



Gwen's Total Drama Island promo picture.

  • Gwen has an interest in art (shown several times throughout the show, and says she wishes to study art history at university in the future) and astronomy (shown in The Big Sleep and The Aftermath: II).
  • Gwen was one of the few contestants known to be able to play an instrument. In her case, it is the drums.
    • The others are Courtney, Duncan, Trent, Cody, Harold, and Alejandro, who play the violin (Courtney), guitar (Duncan and Trent), keyboard/keytar (Cody and Harold), tuba (Harold), and accordion (Alejandro) respectively.
  • Gwen is one of the seven contestants to not have their full audition tape released.
  • Coincidentally, both seasons that Gwen made it to the final four take place at Camp Wawanakwa.
  • Gwen is one of two contestants to be on the most successful team of each season, being on the Screaming Gophers in Total Drama Island, the Screaming Gaffers in Total Drama Action, Team Amazon in Total Drama World Tour and the Villainous Vultures in Total Drama All-Stars, with the other being Heather.
  • Gwen is one of seven contestants to throw a challenge for their team. The others are Alejandro, Courtney, DJ, Justin, Scott, and Trent.
    • However, unlike the others, she was forced to do so, as Justin stated that she owed them for the challenges that Trent threw.
    • She is the first to throw a challenge in order to get herself eliminated.
  • Gwen has stayed on Camp Wawanakwa longer than any other contestant.
    • In Total Drama Island, she made it to the finale along with Owen. Additionally, she is the only contestant to never left the island at any point that season.
      • Owen was the winner in his ending, but he went on a five-star cruise for a weekend with the other guys as a reward at the end of Brunch of Disgustingness.
        • Even if Owen hadn't left the island, she still would be the camper who stayed on the island the longest as she arrived on the island before Owen did.
    • She also returns to the island in Total Drama Action and Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
    • In Total Drama All-Stars, she returns as a contestant, is the last first generation contestant standing and returned as one of Zoey's helpers in the finale.
    • Ironically, Gwen seemed to hate being on the island the most.
  • Gwen's eliminations in Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour were partially because of her two love interests: Trent and Duncan, respectively.
  • Gwen was the only member of Team Amazon to be eliminated in Total Drama World Tour before the merge.
  • As revealed by Geoff in The Aftermath: II, Gwen owns two lizards, and as revealed by Beth in Mutiny on the Soundstage, their names are Angus and Vampyra.
  • Gwen is one of two contestants to believe in karma. She seems to be a strong believer in karma as she mentions it throughout the series.
  • As revealed by Duncan in Mutiny on the Soundstage, Gwen's favorite band is the Gothic Mind Explosion and she wants a Ford 1967 Mustang as her car.
  • Gwen, along with Heather and Sierra, are the only characters shown to have created a blog.
  • Gwen is the first contestant and the first female overall to use the confessional.
  • According to the Cartoon Network website, Gwen's favorite movie genre is horror.
  • It is revealed in Riot On Set that Gwen once had a job at a petting zoo.
  • Gwen has won more challenges for her team or for herself and her partner than any other contestant in the series, with fifteen (sixteen counting her ending of Total Drama Island).
    • Eight/nine of the challenges she won were in Total Drama Island, which is also the current record for most challenges won in a single season by a contestant.
    • However, Gwen ranks second when it comes to winning individual challenges. She has won five/six individual challenges, behind Heather who has won six/seven.
  • Gwen and Sadie were the only campers to reject a marshmallow. This is seen in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, when Gwen already said she had a good time, but Chris told her to sit down, and gave the final marshmallow to her.
  • Gwen is revealed to be an environmentalist, being impressed with Duncan's choice to give the money to Green Peace in The Aftermath: IV, and then later starting a web show in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special to help the environment.
  • Counting her ending of The Very Last Episode, Really!, Gwen is the first contestant to be the highest ranking member of a team and the lowest ranking member of another team. The second being Lightning.
    • She's also one of only four female contestants to be the highest ranking member of her team, the others are Beth, Heather, and Sky.
  • Gwen is the only contestant on Total Drama Action to receive one Gilded Chris Award (as Izzy received one Gilded Chris award before and after her first elimination).
  • Gwen and Noah are the only former Screaming Gophers that haven't shown a form of nudity at any point in the series.
  • Gwen is the fourth contestant to ever attend another team's elimination ceremony, the others beingDuncan, Alejandro and Tyler.
  • Gwen has more guys find her attractive than any other girl on the show. The other girls to have more than one guy attracted to them are Heather, Courtney, Bridgette, Anne Maria, and Jasmine. Throughout the series, six guys have found her attractive at some points of the series:
    • Trent and Gwen were in a relationship for a majority of season one, and the beginning of season two, before they broke up.
    • Cody constantly tries to hit on Gwen, but fails.
    • Owen constantly calls Gwen a hot chick, but never actually says so to her face.
    • Tyler agrees with Owen about Gwen being hot in The EX-Files.
    • Harold confesses that he finds Gwen attractive in The Chefshank Redemption, after she smashes a shovel over his head.
    • Duncan and Gwen were in a romantic relationship from The EX-Files to Moon Madness. He also called her a hot chick several times before they become a couple.
  • It is revealed that Gwen is allergic to eucalyptus in Picnic at Hanging Dork.
    • This caused her elimination as she found it difficult to feed the koalas in the tiebreaker against Courtney.
  • Gwen and Courtney are the third duo to battle it out as a result of a tie, the first duo being Duncan and Beth and the second being DJ and Lindsay.
  • Gwen, along with Ezekiel and Izzy, is one of the only contestants to be the lowest ranking member of their team more than once.
  • In Hook, Line, and Screamer, it's revealed that Gwen's favorite movie is "Blood Bath 2: Summer Camp Reign of Terror."
  • Interestingly, Gwen dated two people whom she does not consider sane and shows no feelings for theboy who she considers sane.
  • Gwen's love life was heavily focused on in all four seasons that she participated in.
  • Gwen is the only known contestant other than Rodney to have a single parent (mother only), as seen in her video message and her biography.
  • She is the fourth veteran to be a part of a challenge in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, the others being Izzy, Bridgette, Lindsay, Duncan, Heather, and DJ.
  • Gwen appears to be ambidextrous as she is seen holding a pencil with her right hand in Not Quite Famous, but uses her left in Search and Do Not Destroy.
  • Gwen broke up with both her boyfriends in the fifth episode of a season.
    • Coincidentally, in those same seasons, Gwen and her boyfriend were the first to receive the symbol of immunity at the first elimination ceremony they attended as a couple.
      • Gwen and Trent were the first to be given Gilded Chris Awards in Alien Resurr-eggtion.
      • Gwen and Duncan were the first Villainous Vultures to receive marshmallows in Evil Dread.
  • Gwen is the only female contestant to be exiled to Boney Island in Total Drama All-Stars.
    • She is also the only member of the original twenty-two contestants to be exiled.
    • She is also the last contestant to be exiled.
  • Gwen has won more horror-themed challenges than any other contestants, winning four out of seven of them.
    • She was eliminated prior to The Sand Witch Project and didn't participate in the seasons that contained Finders Creepers and Hurl and Go Seek. Thus, she has won all of the horror-themed challenges she competed in.
  • Gwen is one of four contestants to appear in all episodes of two seasons, the others being Duncan,Heather and Zoey.
  • Gwen, along with Jo, are the only contestants who have had their names changed.
    • In this case, Gwen's old name was Heather before Camp TV's trailer was made.
      • Ironically, Heather is one of her worst enemies.
    • Gwen is the only contestant from the first generation to have her name changed.
  • Gwen, along with Courtney, Duncan, Heather, and Lindsay are the only five contestants to compete in four seasons.
  • According to Gwen's Total Drama World Tour contestant biography, her favorite music is Punk Rock and Emo.
    • Also stated in her biography, her favorite color is midnight blue and her favorite food is blueberries.
  • Gwen is the first person to vote for themselves, the others being Dave, DJ, Harold, and Lindsay.
  • It was revealed on Total Drama Online that Gwen keeps her makeup in a secret compartment of her platform boots.
    • It is also revealed that Gwen's lipstick is blue paint mixed with chapstick which she calls "misery blue" and that she uses the same hair dye as her nana.
  • Gwen’s hair dye is a custom blend of Hopeless Midnight Blue, Azure Demon Tears and Cheerful Robin’s Egg.