Fictional Characters Wiki
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  • Guru: He's handsome, clever and captain of the team. He's rebellious by nature and is always up for a challenge. He believes in his team.
  • Gyani: He's the youngest, shortest and the smartest member of the team. He's obsessed with cricket and knows every tiny detail of cricket history. Unfortunately, he's also their weakest player.
  • Bablu: He's the lazy fat kid who unknowingly causes a mess most of the time. He has a unique skill: he never misses any ball that is thrown at him.
  • Bull: He's a gentle giant, a child at heart. He has a soft-spot for babies and butterflies.
  • Shekhar: He's a lean, slender kid with an unusual gift, i.e: to run as fast as a speeding train. He is always wearing a helmet for unknown reasons and has never been seen without it.
  • Ajay: He's a wealthy and smart kid from the rich neighbourhood, who likes to hang out with the Gulab Nagar Society youngsters. He is very good at his game and one of the best players on the team. He is resentful of being pampered by his devoted butler Manikchand.
  • Sweety Aunty: She's a kind, affectionate and loving woman who has only two passions in life - cooking and cricket. Besides that, she's a die-hard fan of the youngsters and volunteers to become their coach.
  • Col. Singh: He's a resident of Gulab Nagar Society, who shares a love/hate relationship with the youngsters. He is shrewd, judgmental and a strict disciplinarian.


  • Thakral: He's a wealthy businessman and the manager of Breach Candy Cricket Club, who just can not stand the Gulab Nagar youngsters. He's an egoistic maniac who would go to any length to win against the youngsters.