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grognak the destroyer attorney at law esquire m.d is a fictional character created by the popular youtuber "call me kevin".


Grognak The Destroyer, Attorney at Law, Esquire, M.D. is a member of the Grognak species. it is Kevin's Grand Theft Auto V:roleplay persona and a recurrent character in the channel.

The idea of the character comes from a comic book called Grognak the Barbarian. The comic would be gifted to the main protagonist of Fallout 3 on their 10th birthday in the intro. This was said by Call Me Kevin when he received the book in his "Fallout 3 but it's 2018" video: "Yeah, the name 'Grognak' like came from uh- a meme thing that I saw online and actually got the name wrong on when I was remembering it and I guess I subconsciously remembered it from this game cause people pointed out afterwards. I'm like 'Oh, there was a Grognak'." The comic can also be found on the kitchen table in the house of the Fallout 4 protagonist.

Grognak The Destroyer has been diagnosed with Amnosia, which is like Amnesia, just that it's not medically recognized. Any kind of drugs (The street name for drugs) helps cure Amnosia. [1]Grognak on the front of CallMeKevin merchandise. Grognak is known to be a communist. As shown by their talking about communism and, listening to the USSR National Anthem on his headphones, and looking like Vladimir Putin

Grognak is an attorney who charges as much as they can get away with and has been known to represent both sides of a case.

Grognak is good friends with Jesus.

Grognak has no confirmed gender and apparently, even they themselves don't know.

Grognak has an affinity for buses and prefers a red bus. Grognak is strong enough to push a bus up stairs.

Grognak (species) are famous for their ability to stomp villages, but can't break bulletproof glass.

More Like Bore Ragnarok (am i feckin right?)

Grognak is in the band Jim and the Jimettes which was formed by Jim Pickens.

They were also a part of the 15th Street Gang which was formed by Jim Pickens to distribute cocaine.

While it is unlikely and unconfirmed, there is a small possibility Grognak is Jim's only fear as Grognak pranked and abused him when he was a teen in the "Sims 2 but it's 2018" video.  


Originally an East-Asian-looking male, Grognak arrived in Los Santos looking for people who might tolerate it for longer than a few minutes. it was recruited by a suspicious clown to star in a commercial for Safe Vision Security but failed to make a good impression due to it's inconsistent acting abilities (who may or may have not been a hallucination as Kevin said while leaving the building where he was acting). Being left alone once again, it got involved in some shady operations which ultimately resulted in Grognak being shot by a girl called Jupiter. Despite the very localized nature of the injury, it's Amnosia prompted the doctors at the Pillbox Hill Medical Center to perform extensive reconstructive surgery, turning it into the voluptuous bald creature they are today (and potentially activating it's previously dormant communism).

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