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Gregory "Greg" James Heffley is the "wimpy kid" and protagonist of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and films. He loves video games like Twisted Wizard, and hates anything outside. He is played by Zachary Gordon in the film trilogy.

Greg's best friend is Rowley Jefferson.


Greg was born on July 16, 1996 in Massachusetts to Susan Heffley (born on May 6, 1969) and Franklin Wayne Heffley II (born on October 7, 1967) along side his older brother Rodrick Daniel Heffley (born on November 10, 1991). He later had a brother Emmanuel Dean Heffley (born on September 9, 2004).

Early Life[]

In 2005, Rowley moved to Plainview as Greg's neighbor, Greg and Rowley Befriended each other in 4th grade in 2005 at 9 years old. Greg felt bad so he decided to accept his request of befriend him. They have been friends for at least 6 years from now.