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Phillip "Phil" Shortman (born c. 1917) is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


He is Arnold's cheery, fun-loving grandfather. He is 81 years old, as of the episode "Grandpa's Birthday". Arnold often comes to him for advice. He often tells Arnold stories about his past experiences, although he has a tendency to stretch the truth. Despite responding frivolously to Arnold's problems, he will often provide good wisdom. He is a World War II veteran and claims to have single-handedly won the Battle of the Bulge by tricking a large troupe of Nazi soldiers into eating numerous cans of spoiled CHAM, thereby poisoning them and creating a hole in the enemy line for the American troops to break through. Arnold does not believe his story at first, but it is later proven when Phil shows him a small monument of him hidden in some bushes in a park in Washington D.C.

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