Goldeen is a small fish-like Pokemon. It is a pure Water-type. Goldeen is not known for being very strong and it is pretty much useless out of the water, but it known for its beauty and it is great for a lot of underwater shows.

It can evolve into a Seaking.

In both the anime and the Ultimate Story, Misty owns a Goldeen. There are also several living at the Cerulean City Gym. They were used during the underwater ballet.

Its name may be a combination of goldfish and queen.

Goldeen is a very beautiful Pokémon with fins that billow elegantly in water. However, don't let your guard down around this Pokémon—it could ram you powerfully with its horn.

Goldeen loves swimming wild and free in rivers and ponds. If one of these Pokémon is placed in an aquarium, it will shatter even the thickest glass with one ram of its horn and make its escape.

Ultimate Story

Obviously, Misty owns a Goldeen. There are several of them at her home in the Cerulean Gym.

Ikran's Lost OoT/Pokémon crossover

Goldeen resides in Zora's Domain. She was effective offensively in short and long-range at Jabu-Jabu, though she was constantly sent back as the heroes approach land.

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