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Ginger Hancock is the main heroine of  The Gingerverse. She is Filipino-American. She is the daughter of Maria Matapang and Joseph Hancock. She lives in Norfolk, Virginia. Ginger is first seen in Going Seoulo, where she and her two friends Roderick and GeeGee defeat Younghee Byeol and her lackey, Lee Yo-han. Ginger appears again as the main heroine of The World of Ginger, a would be TV show, where she goes to Norfolk School with Roderick and GeeGee. Ava Vegard often calls her a Filipino fool, however, Ginger doesn't let it get to her. Ginger also starts a singing group with Dana von Franke, Sandra il Blonde, Callie Yope and Paige Holt. Ginger also has a magic wand that she uses a lot.