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Gelorum is the leader of the Racing Drones army, the real force behind CLYP. She is the main antagonist of Acceleracers. She is voiced by Kathleen Barr.


After the events of World Race, Gelorum was repaired. She was able to prevent Dr. Tezla from getting the Wheel of Power in Ignition. Later, she captured Kadeem when he fell off the track in the Storm Realm, and eventually turned him into a drone. In the Ultimate Race, we learn that she and the Drones have captured Wylde. She tortured him, and turned his left arm into a Drone's arm. Wylde was then forced to give her the location of the Acceledrome. She then led the attack against Dr. Tezla, and got all of the Accelechargers, planning to kill Tezla when she returned She then went through the portal to meet the Accelerons, and Vert went after her (despite the drones attempting to stop him). When they see the Accelerons, she then discards her human disguise and turned into her true form to try to attack Vert, but the Acceleron stopped her from doing so and throws her far away. This is the last time we see Gelorum.