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Gazeem was Jafar's henchman seen at the beginning of Aladdin, he informs Jafar that he has managed to steal the other half of the scarab amulet used to summon the Cave of Wonders, he mentioned he had to slit a few throats to get it, and as soon as the halves form together it flies off to the cave's location and they follow on horseback, when the cave forms. Jafar tells him that he can have any treasure he likes but the lamp is his. When Gazeem peers down its mouth only to be knocked back as it demands to know who woke it up and Gazeem introduces himself and the cave denies him entry, telling him that he is not the "Diamond in the Rough." Jafar, not quite understanding what the cave wants, tells Gazeem to continue. Gazeem enters the cave and breathes a sigh of relief when suddenly the cave clamps its mouth shut on top of him, killing him. It then repeats to Jafar that Gazeem was not the "Diamond in the Rough" he was seeking and tells him that he may return when he finds him. He had sacrificed himself to save Jafar. Gazeem was voiced by Charlie Adler.

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  • He was a boss in the Aladdin Sega Genesis video game, in the third level.
  • Upon first gazing upon the Cave of Wonders, Gazeem briefly utters "By Allah...". "Allah" is the Arabic term for "god."


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