Gatō is the main antagonist of the Introduction/Land of Waves arc in Naruto. He is the ruthless,cruel,greedy and corrupt head of Gatō Company who took control of the Land of Waves for his business leading it to poverty. This lead bridge builder Tazuna to attempt to build a bridge allowing the citizens of the Land of Waves to do business with the outside world and breaking his control however to try to prevent this Gatō hired many assassins most notably Zabuza Momochi.  


  • Gatō is the only main antagonist in the Naruto series who never fights but simply relies on his own henchmen to deal with his enemies therefore making Zabuza Team 7's primary enemy in battle in the Introduction/Land of Waves arc.
  • Gatō's defeat is similar to that of Emperor Palpatine's as in both cases after the hero(es) battle the secondary villain, the secondary villain develops a change of heart and kills the main villain them self.
  • The way Gatō dies is also different in both the manga and anime. In the manga he is decapitated by Zabuza's kunai while in the anime this was censored so that he simply drowns from being knocked off the bridge as it was still being built after being slashed a few times.
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