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Gander is a goose merchant that offers Jacksmith weapon parts and ores for sale in his shop. He appears in Jacksmith.

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Lowlands
Occupation: Salesman
Loves: A Good Deal
Hates: Plumpfeather Tariff

Gander is an easy going goose from the Lowlands. Like many geese in the Plumpfeather Kingdom, he comes from an aristocratic family. However, being an entrepreneur at heart and a natural salesman, Gander forwent his family’s opulence in order to carve out his own path as a traveling merchant.

Role in game

In day 3, Gander comes to Jacksmith and tells him about trading gems for weapon parts, usually not found when battling. The player can buy items from him so he can get bookmarked parts, new items or parts needed to defeat the enemies of the day or to create Epic Weapons.