Fugu 02.png

Fugu, the Frightening is the fourth boss in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. He is the boss of Sea Breeze Cove, appearing in the level Fugu Face-Off. Before the battle, the Kongs meet Fugu while he is small. After the Kongs make fun of his size, Fugu bloats up and the battle commences. He is named after fugu, the Japanese word for pufferfish.

Fugu is a large yellow blowfish with blue fins, eyebrows, and goatee. He wears a blue piece of cloth with the Snowmad insignia around his body, and around his fins are metal bracelets. Fugu has blue stripes along the front of his face. When bloated, Fugu has orange spikes protruding from his body.

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