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Incidental 1 (called Fred in various episodes and Clint in "Big Sister Sam") is a background fish best known for screaming "My leg!" in painful situations. He debuted in the episode "Reef Blower," and his catchphrase is first used in "Boating School." He is featured prominently in the episode "My Leg!."

This character model's name has varied; in most appearances from seasons 1 to 10, he was nameless, with the exception of "Patty Hype" in which Tom calls him Fred in a very brief throwaway line. His name was given as Clint in "Big Sister Sam" from season 7. In season 10, the new showrunners re-adopted the name Fred after seeing it on fan-made wikis. They mistakenly believed that Fred was a fan-given name.

In February 2019, Mr. Lawrence said: "Fans started talking about [the 'my leg' gag] and named him Fred." In October 2019, Vincent Waller said, "By that, he means the fans named him and we went, 'That's a good name for him. That'll work.'" Tom Kenny elaborated: "Bask in the power of the internet: the fans named him Fred."

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