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Frank always looks dirty and scruffy. He has blonde hair that's shoulder-lengths and almost always looks greasy.


Frank is the most irresponsible, selfish person one could ever meet, which is mostly due to him always being drunk. He always blames others for things he did and still occasional believes the illusion that his kids depend on him because of the bills he thinks he pays and the money he thinks he gives them, when actually he wastes all his money on alcohol and has debts on several occasions. Frank goes to great lengths to get money, which includes stealing, manipulation and prostituting himself. Breaking the law isn't anything new to him, he takes drugs, attempts robbery and hurts himself so that he gets money from the state without having to work.

Frank Gallagher loves his kids, there's no doubt in that, but he does a horrible job taking care of them. He never does anything for them except living off their money.

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