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"Yar Har Har, Never Underestimate the cunning of a Pirate, or a fox for that matter"

—Foxy, Ultimate Custom Night

Foxy is one of the secondary antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's. He is an animatronic fox and the inhabitant at Pirate's Cove before being closed down and "out of order".

In the first game, if the player fails to prevent triggering him by checking Pirate's Cove from time to time, Foxy will escape and run towards the Office to get inside and kill the player. To be stopped, the player must shut the left door, but Foxy will then drain some power.

In the second game, Foxy will frequently stand outside the office and will jump out on the player and kill if not prevented. To prevent this, the player must flash their light on him until he goes away.