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is the name of a parody/meme based upon Fluttershy's temporary transformation by Discord - as well as a scene in which she went insane trying to capture several animals, uttering the now famous line "you're going to LOVE me!" in a furious tone.Flutterbitch is a successful meme and takes the normally sweet and gentle character of Fluttershy and warps her into a far more malicious character - normally taking clips from the actual show (of when she was transformed and/or insane) and making them into videos or remixes.The origin of Flutterbitch comes from her Discorded version - the related Psychoshy meme however originates from a now infamous mental breakdown Fluttershy experienced during the gala in which she stalked several woodland animals with crazed zeal, the meme has been further fueled after Fluttershy's antics during a special episode in which she took the advice of a minotaur to become more assertive but instead became very "bitchy" and cruel - mirroring her discorded self.Both memes have gained even more infamy following the popular "SHED.MOV" youtube video as well as the "grim-dark" fan-fiction known as Pattycakes, both of which warped Fluttershy into a monster.

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