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Flippy Doggenbottom is a dog NPC toon who is located in Mickey Toon Hall in the Toontown Central playground. As president of the Toon Council, he governs Toontown in many ways. This includes hosting special parties, organizing grand openings, giving out prizes for Toontown contests, and revealing upcoming events and features.

First seen in the Toontorial, Flippy will introduce and instruct toons to use SpeedChat and SpeedChat Plus. Later, he will assign ToonTasks to help new toons learn the basics of the game. After toons get done with every ToonTask, they will be sent to Flippy to receive their final Bossbot cog suit part.


  • Flippy is the iconic promotional character for Toontown Online and Toontown Rewritten.
  • The desktop icon for the launcher is Flippy's face.
    • Previously, it is a picture of a brown dog toon with a tall head and it smiles.
  • Flippy replies to some of the comments on Toontown's blog posts.
  • On his trading card, he is wearing a suit, although he wears ordinary clothes in the real game.
    • There is also a picture on a Toon Council blog post where Flippy is wearing accessories.
    • Also on his trading card, he is seen cutting a red ribbon, which marks the opening of Disney's Toontown Online.
  • The drawings of him on the website have him colored blue rather than his normal aqua color in the game.
  • There is a painting of him in Mickey Toon Hall doing the Bored emotion.
  • Flippy's clothes can be bought (shirt) in Donald's Dock and his pants can be bought in Donald's Dreamland.
  • His size is slightly larger than the middle toon size (not short legs, not long legs, not fat, not tall torso) so that toons may not copy his looks perfectly.
  • In the Toontorial, he helps toons on using the SpeedChat and the introduction of SpeedChat Plus.
    • Exclusively on October 31st, Toons who are cats are able to turn into Black Cats by using the SpeedChat phrase "Toontastic!" in-front of Flippy. This will only work when speaking to Flippy during the Toontorial in which Flippy will teach the player to use SpeedChat phrases.
  • He is the third dog NPC to be encountered in the Toontorial and the game. The first is Tutorial Tom and the second is HQ Harry.
  • Before doodles are discovered, he lost his and goes to Minnie's Melodyland. Minnie Mouse said that she spotted Flippy's doodle somewhere in Tenor Terrace and the doodle hides in a ditch just near Anna's Cruises Travel Agency. Somewhat later, Flippy's doodle returns to him along with thousands of different doodles.
  • He can only be a black cat during Friday the 13th.
  • The first gags he used are: Lipstick, Anvil, Whole Cream Pie (along with the Flunky's glasses), Glass of Water, Banana Peel, Small Magnet/Big Magnet (along with a Cog gear) and TNT.


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