Flamo is one of the main characters of Master Raindrop. He is the fire element. His voice actor is Josh Quong Tart.


Flamo is the 12-year-old fire element. Her skin is red and her hair is really a flame that burns all the time. He has golden, catlike eyes, sharp ears and long canine teeth. He mainly fights with Raindrop, who is someone like his archenemy.


Flamo can be defined as an idiot. He tends to treat people with a cruel attitude and lack of empathy, except for General Bu. He often makes fun of other people and their problems, he is a manipulative character and a good liar. Despite this, he does not consider himself a "bad person" because he believes he is helping General Bu to build a new world, a better world.

Although Flamo can be cruel and often acts like an idiot, in reality he is a really good person, with good intentions and can be really kind, kind and supportive of the people he cares about.


Flamo, the fire element, is the first one found by General Bu who convinces him to join his Clay Warriors. His first major role is when Bu visits the martial arts school where Master Yun trains two other elements, Raindrop and Shao Yen. He burns the school at Bu's behest, after Yun refuses to say where the elements are.

Since the school incident, Bu has tried many attempts to capture the elements, but has always failed. In the end, General Bu sends Flamo to steal the dragon's eye from the elements. Flamo pretends to be betrayed by Bu and after the elements help him, he steals the Eye. However, he discovers that General Bu wants to destroy all elements, including Flamo. Feeling upset about such a perverse betrayal by his leader, Flamo turns his back on General Bu and definitely joins the elements.


  • Fire Powers: He has the ability to control fire, which can create fireballs and a circle of fire that catches your enemies inside. He can also use a fire lasso to draw anything for him.
    • Fireballs: Flamo can generate fireballs and control the direction it goes. Due to budget problems in the series, it's basically the only variation of his fire powers.
  • Fusion: He is able to fuse with the other elements to become the Golden Dragon. It's unknown if he still has that power after being permanently separated from Golden Dragon at the end of the series.
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