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"Just remember, I'm here to help you. Milo will send you his journal. I will make sure of that. Never give up. Never stop until you win. You can do this, we can do this. You may not know me yet, but you need to trust me. I know what needs to be done. After all, I'm your best friend."

  • Firebrand's message to Noah Maxwell.

Firebrand is the anti-hero of Season 1 and possibly the true main antagonist of Season 2 in the TribeTwelve slender series.


Firebrand is a member of The Collective (however stubborn he may be) along with The Observer. He seems to be trying to help Noah, but it has not been made clear how much he can control, as he is in the Collective realm and is possibly being used by the Slender Man/Administrator. It was revealed in DEUS EX MACHINA that Firebrand was no longer part of the Collective, and he was saved by a "loathsome entity with mutual interests. (HABIT)"

Firebrand's identity has been revealed as of The Live Stream Incident to be Noah Maxwell, from an alternate future/timeline.


  • Firebrand's behavior in the video, Fortunes, (the confusing hidden images and messages, the fortunes, the fact that he seems to be possessing Noah at random times) calls into question whether his intentions are good. If he's on Noah's side, why would he deliberately be trying to confuse or frighten Noah?