Ferdynand Stanisław Kiepski (born July 9, 1950 near Białystok in Poland), also known as Ferdek is the main protagonist in the famous Polish comedy series Świat według Kiepskich (The World According to the Kiepski Family) played by Andrzej Grabowski. 


Head of the family, unemplayed (since 13 December 1981, the day when martial law was declared in Poland) father of two, who has a penchant for canned beer and trying to prove that he is an unappreciated genius.  Ferdynand comes up with ridiculous get-rich-quick schemes that, due to his own faults and comic coincidences, usually fail (when they succeed they are usually a part of a self-contained episode, which is never referenced again). His favorite pastimes are drinking "Mocny Full" ("Strong Full") beer and watching television. He inherited his name after his German grandfather, Ferdinand Urlich Doppeldeke. He made his debut in the first episode.

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