Fenton Sludge is the former main antagonist of the Goof Troop episode, "A Goof of the People".


As a mutant, Fenton was a greedy businessman who took great pleasure in destroying all natural living things for the sake of money and loved "the smell of toxic waste in the morning". When he get acquainted with Goofy, he refused to listen to reason and got angry at him when he told him to stop his factory of pollution, but only backed off so as to mentally manipulate him into leaving with a positive view. According to Max, Sludge "[figured] that he [didn't] have to listen to [Goofy] because he was just" a citizen of insignificance. When his company was threatened, he bribed Pete to support and defend it, only for his scheme to fail miserably and call for improvising via incrimination (i.e., putting toxic waste in his garage). He was shown to be afraid of the toxic monster that emerged from the waste he planted within Goofy's residence, scolding him for exposing the waste and attempted to sacrifice him in his place, being remorseless of what Goofy might have experienced had he not brought his jar of clean air.

After becoming purified, Fenton changes his mind about pollution, and wanted to stop it from happening rather than making it happen. He becomes so obsesses with his look, he didn't pay attention to Melvin when he tried to correct Fenton after once again getting his name wrong, a habit he had even while he was mutated. It is unknown what became of him in later years, but is probably enjoying his life as a normal person while running his ballet school.

Powers and abilities

As the physical embodiment of pollution, he was naturally adept to the smog and smell generated from the toxics in his factory. But his main ability is of manipulation. He greets his visitors warmly and act as though he had no malicious intentions, though his temper will slip up on him when someone pushes him too far, but only for a moment. He used bribery and persuasion on Pete (who was a zany yet villainous character himself) but found it no good.

Besides his mental manipulation skills, he seemed to be a very skilled businessman, seeing how he made an apparently high profit despite his company purposefully generating pollution.


In his slug form, Sludge is completely green and covered in slime. His eyes are yellow and his eyebrows are black. His ears hang upon his head and has one big slug-like foot. For attire, he wore grayish blue suit with a white collar and a blue and lavender striped tie.

In his pure form, he has brown hair and has a smaller waist. He has two visible feet with black shoes and pants matching his jacket over his white shirt. His eyes also have a normal white sclerae and his ears fall down to both sides of his head.


He recently had Slime Co. built, and was assisted by Melvin. Soon after running his factory, he was confronted by Goofy, who was urged by his son Max to do so, because of the polluting affect. At first, Sludge just ignored him, then Goofy finally scolded him for destroying the environment. At this, Sludge was offended, but then he immediately reverted back to his false demeanor and gave him souvenirs to get rid of him.

When he saw Goofy running for president, he eventually decided to manipulate the other candidate, Pete, after Melvin tells Sludge about his dishonest nature. Pete deliberately agrees to support him when he was promised a lot of money from him. However, he proved to be a disappointment, so Sludge improvised by framing Goofy for some toxic waste he planted in his garage.

He was confronted again by Goofy shortly after framing him, and a monster that emerged from the waste entered the factory. Sludge tried to sacrifice Goofy in his place, but Goofy uses the jar of clean air to destroy it. Sludge took an interest and sniffed the air from the jar, thinking it would cost him a fortune. But when he did, he thought it was melting him, but really, it melted all the bad parts off him and transformed him into a charming man. He immediately loved his new look and then decided to knock down Slime Co. and build a ballet school, mispronouncing Melvin's name again.


  • He was one of the characters in The Disney Afternoon franchise who was transformed, the other being a character from Mighty Ducks.
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