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Commander Felix-G119 is the leader of Team Foxtrot Alpha. Before becoming a SPARTAN he was fascinated by Biology and he speaks fluent French. He is a devoted leader and cares deeply for his squad but he rarely shows it and often enforces tough love. He is diverse when it comes to which weapon he wields but favours the M45 TS or the SRS 99 AM. He also wields two combat knives, two throwing knives and a katana. He has a knife in each side of his chest plate and one in the armour on the underside of each forearm.


Felix's Prototype armour

His helmet is the COMMANDO UA/FC-I[2], he wears COMMANDO shoulders and the ASSAULT/COMMANDO chest plate. He has a TACTICAL/TACPAD and UA/CHOBHAM. He also wears FJ/PARA kneeguards.


Felix lived with his parents on Earth for most of his childhood. He was good friends with another future SPARTAN-III Harry. They had a reletively normal life until a vacation cruise near the - system. Here they met another child their own age by the name of Philippa and they became good friends. Two weeks into the holiday the yaught was attacked and boarded by Kig-yar pirates. Felix, Pippa and Harry were the only survivors; escaping on a life boat. The friends agreed that should the chance arise, they would exact their revenge on the Covenant. The pod landed on -. For six months the children lived in an extremely tough orphanage where they were forced to fight against the other children. They quickly earned a reputation. This reputation gave them an opportunity for vengence when CPO Franklin Mendez came to the orphanage to look for candidates for SPARTAN-III Gamma Company. He offered them a place each. They couldn't refuse.