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Fearsome Four (Five)
Publication information
Publisher Disney
Boom! Studios
First appearance "Just Us Justice Ducks Part 1"
Created by Tad Stones
In-story information
Base(s) Saint Canard
Member(s) Current Members:
Former Members:

Inspired (most likely) by the Legion of Doom, the Fearsome Five of DC comics, and the Sinister Six of Marvel comics, the Fearsome Five were a group of Darkwing Duck's enemies who united to defeat him.

They first appeared in the two-part "Just us Justice Ducks", then in "Life, the Negaverse, and Everything", where their Negaverse counterparts, the Friendly Four (NegaDuck not being a member) were introduced, later appeared as a pirate crew in "Darkwing Doubloon", then in "Jail Bird" where NegaDuck doublecrosses them and the remaining four briefly teamed up with Darkwing.

In the comic series, NegaDuck leaves the team. Quackerjack becomes the leader, making them the Fearsome Four.