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Fear is one of three tritagonists (alongside Anger and Disgust) from the Inside Out franchise. He is one of the original five emotions inside the mind of Riley Andersen.

He is voiced by Bill Hader in the first film and Tony Hale in the sequel.


Fear appears in the film as one of the five emotions inside Riley Andersen's mind. He works at HQ with the other emotions. His position is to keep Riley safe. When Riley and her parents relocate to San Francisco, he, Anger, and Disgust are upset about the shortcomings that came with the move, but Joy manages to have the bright side of the situation. When Joy and Sadness get lost Riley's mind, along with the core memories (relevant memories that power up islands that represent Riley's personality) Fear proposes that he and the remaining emotion act like Joy until she returns, but this backfires when he, Anger, and Disgust are unable to make Riley joyous due to their respective emotion representations and he and his friends unintentionally cause Riley to make decisions that cause the islands to fall into an abyss that erases memories.

He attempts to give up and exit headquarters, but the memories that he and the other emotions have produced prevent that from occurring. When Anger proposes influencing Riley to take a bus back to Minnesota since she has happier there, Fear talks him out of it. He handles dream duty (a job where an emotion watches a dream) where the actions of Joy, Sadness, and Riley's imaginary friend, Bing Bong, cause him to freak out, prompting Anger to put his plan into action. Fear, although unsure about the plan, foolishly allows it to occur. However, Anger's plan cause the remaining islands to crumble into the abyss.

Realizing their mistake, they try to reverse it, but this proves to be impossible. When Joy and Sadness make it back to headquarters, Fear, Disgust and Anger, beg Joy to fix the crisis, but Joy lets Sadness fix it. With the disaster averted, Riley's life improves, with new personality islands made by the emotions and a bigger control console that the emotions use to control Riley.


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