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Father Lance Madison

Take our good friend Timothy back to his cell. Make sure that he stumbles on the way back as well, stumbles several times, perhaps down the stairs!„~ Madison after interrogating a prisonerFather Lance Madison is the tertiary main antagonist in the Hyraaq Tobit series in the Creepypasta stories. Father Madison is a priest, originally from London in England. He was an atheist from birth, and rumour had it he was a bastard (i.e. a child from an unmarried woman). Father Madison shamed his family and his colleagues, and he had little to no friends. He preferred to think of himself as gifted rather than shameful. His boss, Frisk, was an outright bully who abused Lance all the time. Lance was at a socialite club in London, and he was an underdog. He aspired to rise to the top and have humanity at his feet.

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