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False Diddy Kong
False Diddy Kong

Dark Diddy Kong Clone



Shader Color

Color: Dark Prussian Blue
RGB: R:12, G:0, B:26
Hexidemical: #0C001A


rose shirt
rose hat
purple dark fire (in movie)
yellow eye pupils


Donkey Kong

Found in

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
(Subspace Emissary)

False Diddy Kong is a dark purple Shadow Bug variant of Diddy Kong. When Fox and Diddy walk by The Swamp, they are ambushed by Bowser, and Diddy is shot by Bowser with the Dark Cannon, turning Diddy into a greyscale trophy. Bowser then orders Shadow Bugs to "consume" Diddy's trophy. Once this happens, False Diddy is made. Falco then flies down in an Arwing. Falco swoops out of the Arwing and destroys Bowser's Dark Cannon. Bowser leaves, and the group looks back at the False Diddy, which is gathering more Shadow Bugs. False Diddy then grows to an enormous size. Fox touches Diddy's trophy, bringing him back to life, and the three defeat False Diddy. Once defeated, False Diddy's trophy disintegrates into the original Shadow Bugs.



  • Even though the false diddy kong isn't playable. This variant of diddy kong can be playable if the model is hacked and the "FitDiddyXX.pac" and "FitDiddyXX.pcs" is replaced with the file "FitDiddyFake.pac" and "FitDiddyFake.pcs" with the names to the playable models.