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  • Fake President Deling

Fake President Deling (デリング偽大統領 Deringu Nise Daitōryō) is a body-double for President Vinzer Deling and a boss fought in Final Fantasy VIII. It was used as a decoy to trap the Timberian resistance movement known as the Forest Owls. It later mocked the heroic SeeDs, who were aiding the Forest Owls against Vinzer Deling's tyranny, for their failure to kidnap the true Galbadian dictator and engaged them in battle aboard a train departing from the city-state of Timber for the country of Galbadia.Fake President Deling appeared to be some sort of biomechanical monster that started of as an exact double of President Deling but morphed into it's true form as a mutated undead monster after a brief confrontation with the heroes of the story but was destroyed regardless.



  • Fake President Deling, seeking to destroy the Forest Owls resistance movement for the real President Vinzer Deling.
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