Evil Empress

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The Evil Empress is Di Lung's wicked aunt who is a power-hungry witch that suddenly later become a new empress of modern-day China and she is an antagonist in Courage the Cowardly Dog.


In the episode "Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog", she was in her palace and rings the bell and her nephew Di Lung arrives. She spoke in Chinese language and told Di Lung her source of power is draining away and the magic silkworm is dying. She tells Di Lung to find someone truly innocent and remove the bones to get her powers back.

During a tour on the Great Wall Of China, Muriel and Eustace where speaking to each other and Di Lung sneaks behind and says "Watch where you're going, ya fool!" and pushes Courage off the wall. Di Lung uses his pet frog and the frog belches out a green bubble nad traps Muriel who heads to the palace and Di Lung follows. Courage uses Di Lung's frog and creates a bubble from the amphibian and heads to the palace. Muriel was chained and Di Lung is ready to ritualistically remove the bones. Courage tells the Evil Empress that she doesn't want to remove Muriel's bones. Di Lung and the Empress make Courage banished out of the palace (along with the box that had the magic silkworm).

Courage passes his journey and manages to get to the palace. He fights the Evil Empress, however, he gets his leg chained by Di Lung. The Evil Empress shoots laser at Courage and accidentaly frees him and she makes another blast, but Courage grabs a mirror and the beam hits the Empress and crumble to pieces.

The Good Empress who was the same woman that helped Courage, arrives to reclaim her throne and restore China to its former glory, and Di Lung puts all the bones back in Muriel and laughs. The Empress shows that Courage has returned peace and harmony in the village and the silkworm is alive and well. Eustace is seen getting his legs eaten by the Tiger.

In Aqua-Farmer, Di Lung is seen with the Evil Empress watching Jo-Jo the dolphin (who was shown to be a fish) trained by a human (shows that the trainer was a lizard). The Evil Empress was tired so she turned dead again by floating back to the sky.

The actress who voiced her is unconfirmed and remains a mystery, even today.

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