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Eucliwood profile "It's true. From now on, no matter what happens I'll stay by your side, Ayumu"

  • Eu's first real words to Ayumu Aikawa

Eucliwood Hellscythe is a mute necromancer from the light novel/anime series, Is This A Zombie? and the main female protagonist of the series. She is a Necromancer who brought a boy named Ayumu Aikawa back from the dead as a zombie and has been living him ever since. Her necromancer magic is so volatile and dangerous that she has to wear armour and suppress her emotions in order to control it, though she does eventually become able to talk without consequence. She is also Ayumu's main love interest in the series.

She is voiced by Midori Tsukimiya in the Japanese version of the anime and Cherami Leigh in the English version, the latter of whom also voices Lucy Heartfilia and Mika Shimotsuki.


Eucliwood was first seen in the streets of Tokyo. In an unexpected turn of events, she met a boy named Ayumu and rose him from the dead after being killed by a serial killer. She is currently living with him as his first companion at home.


Because of the uncontrollable nature of her powers as a necromancer, she communicates without using facial expressions or spoken words, only "speaking" to others by writing on a note pad, mostly pertaining to her appetite. At first, she seems to be emotionless and mute (or has a preference not to talk), but in fact she is kind-hearted to her friends and other people, even to Ayumu whom she was not familiar with.

She experiences severe pain whenever her magic is activated, and she claims that even if she were to die her magic would continue uncontrolled. She is also capable of becoming a Masou-Shoujo, and it is implied that she interned at Matelis under Ariel. She does not like the word "death" being used lightly, especially since her abilities can easily take away a person's life. Likewise, to protect her friends from her uncontrollable ability, she developed the habit of writing her feelings to others instead of speaking to them.

Eucliwood later admits that she is ashamed and even terrified of her abilities, and she wished for someone to be by her side in spite of her frightening ability. It appears that she has found that person in the form of Ayumu himself. He also provides her with comfort when she thinks about her many insecurities and she is shown to take these feelings to heart.

Powers & Equipment[]

  • Reality Warping: Eucliwood's primary ability is the power to tamper with the string of fate and alter reality. It has been shown that whatever she says becomes reality, with no certain limits to her powers except for Eucliwood's resistance to the side effects of using her powers. Applications of her reality warping powers are as follows:
    • Resurrection: Although not directly seen, she has shown powers of resurrection, as she was able to revive Ayumu and the King of the Night from the dead. It is unknown if there are any restrictions or limits to this ability.
    • Death Inducement: By saying the word "die", Eucliwood is able to kill a person in an instant. InKyoko's case, she was able to exhaust the lives acquired by the rogue Masou-Shoujo, whose ability steals the life of others in order to gain a measure of immortality. However, using this power puts an immense strain in Eucliwood's part, causing her to experiences intense headaches.
    • Healing: It has been shown that she has the ability to heal the wounds of others, but as a side-effect she feels pain equal to the amount of damage she healed from that person. In a sense, the wound or damage is transfered to her.
  • Masou-Shoujo Transformation: During her battle against Kyoko (season 1) and the alternative Ayumu (season 2), she uses Mystletainn to transform into a Masou-Shoujo. Whether this proves that she has the necessary magic to be called a Masou-Shoujo is unknown.
  • Scythe: During a brief battle with the King of the Night, she wields a large scythe. It is usually the same pen she uses to 'speak.'
  • Armor and Gauntlets: Eu's armor and gauntlets are used to suppress her powers. There are instances (although these are few and far in between) where she has taken off the armor. It is unknown what amount of damage she could deal if she fought without them on.


So far Eucliwood only has two known weaknesses:

  • Fruit Rinds: Eucliwood was peeling oranges/tangerines and ate some, however she starts feeling very sick so Ayumu calls Shimomura who happens to be a fellow underworlder Shimomura being the person he is begins making Ayumu look stupid at first but only to see how far he would go for her. Shimomura then explains that fruit rinds happen to be highly poisonous to underworlders such as Eucliwood and Shimomura
  • Her own power:The reason Eucliwood's power is her own weakness is because if she were to write die while using her reality warping powers, it'd give her a massive headache, even if she is to talk it causes immense pain to herself. Also around the first season she is able to heal Ayumu but as a result she feels the pain he did.