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Etemon Anime Render
  • Name: Etemon
  • Number: 46
  • Level: Ultimate
  • Kind: Puppet
  • Type: Virus
  • Attacks: Dark Network/Concert Crush/ Monkey Claw
  • Digivolutions:Etemon > MetalEtemon 
    Etemon is the second villain the children run into in the Digital World. Etemon is a virus type digimon and had conrol over the Continent of Server. His Dark Network gave him complete surveillance over the continent. Although he couldn't control Digimon in the manner of Devimon, he could lay entire villages to waste with his Concert Crush. In his trailer, Etemon could easily track down the DigiDestined to their exact position and fought numerous battles with them. He is very egotistical and thinks highly of his music skills, never wanting to share the spotlight with anyone else. After being defeated by MetalGreymon, he later returns to the Digital World as MetalEtemon. He is like a Digimon version of Elvis