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Emilia is one of the main characters in the children's work by Monteiro Lobato, in the series related to Sítio do Picapau Amarelo.


Emília, in the plot created by Lobato, was made by Tia Nastácia for the girl Narizinho. She was born dumb and is cured by dr. Caramujo, who prescribed a "talking pill". Then Emilia says, "I have a terrible frog taste in my mouth!". Narizinho, worried, asked the "doctor" to make her throw up that pill and swallow a weak one. But, explained Caramujo, that was "speechless", which could no longer be "stuck". She is known for about and a half "opening her faucet of blunder", especially when he wants to explain something difficult to explain or justify an action or will. In addition to talking a lot, he also usually changes the names of things or people for versions with similar sound.


Within the stories of "Sítio", Emília was biographed by Visconde de Sabugosa. All full of encyclopedic knowledge, he takes the opportunity to tell some truths about the doll: "Emília is a heartless tyrant. (...) She is also the most self-interested creature in the world. (...) Just think in herself, in the little life on her toys".


Emília is a rag doll, stuffed with macela (Achyrocline satureioides probably, considering that the story takes place in Brazil). In many stories, she changes her dress, gets it fixed or is stuffed again. Narizinho also makes and remakes her eyebrows (according to Reinações de Narizinho) and her eyes (which are of retro and therefore they break if Emilia opens them too much). She is able to walk and move freely, but is often treated by Narizinho as an ordinary doll and is "stuffed in the pocket".