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Eloise is a 6-year-old city girl who is sometimes very mischievous.


Eloise has two pets, a pug named Weenie, and a turtle named Skipperdee. In Eloise at Christmastime, Skipperty lies on a record player, spinning, while Weenie wakes up in his little bed, wearing a santa hat and a beard. Then Eloise meets Rachel, Mr. Peabody's daughter, and is deeply befriended. Nanny often tells her off for being "rude, rude, rude", but she does not care.


At times, Eloise can be sarcastic and serious, but she has a reluctant sense of humor when she does something "rude, rude, rude". Nanny sometimes says something three times, as though sometimes Eloise does not understand. She also has a mind of creativity, such as to her room.


A snobbish little girl, Eloise, who is inside a pink box, was sending to the Plaza Hotel in New York City. When they leave, after they put boxes in a top floor, the box is opened and Eloise crawling out.