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Elle Woods is a fictional character and the main protagonist of Amanda Brown's novel, Legally Blonde, and the film series. Portrayed by Reese Witherspoon, Woods is a bubbly and attractive sorority girl from California, attending and eventually graduating from Harvard Law School.

Before attending Harvard Law School, Woods was a fashion merchandiser and the girlfriend of Warner Huntington III. Warner and Elle broke up after Warner stated that he needed to marry someone more serious if he was going to become a senator by the time he was thirty.


Early life

As a young girl, Woods' parents have encouraged her to pursue something using her attractiveness to advantage. She eventually took up fashion merchandising, and pursued a career in that, before dating Warner Huntington III.

Harvard Law School

Taylor-Windham vs. Windham court case

Woods was one of the four students to be accepted for a real court case of a crime. Brooke Taylor-Windham was accused of murdering her husband, Heyworth Windham.


Fashion merchandising



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