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Eliza Beckham Fletcher is a minor character of the animated television series, Phineas and Ferb. She is a cousin of Ferb, older sister of Ferb's cousins, slightly tomboyish yet beautiful daughter of Lucy and Adrian Fletcher from England on his father's side of the family.

Present Life[]

She lives in England with her parents and brothers. The life she leads is largely unknown, but implied to be average.

Along with the rest of her family, she visited Danville to see their favorite association football team, the Snifferton Nostrils in an exhibition match and presumably stayed in the Flynn-Fletcher household with their cousin, Ferb during that time. At the request of her step-cousin, Candace, she taught the American how to be a properly civilized lady so she could impress Jeremy Johnson after having found out of him being an Anglophile.

Candace learned the ropes quickly and shortly afterwards took on the personality and behavior of a proper Englishwoman when she later went out with Jeremy. However, she ditched her training when Jeremy made known that he liked her for her usual attitude. ("My Fair Goalie")   


Eliza in a ladylike outfit.


Having been trained into the person she is from an early age and despite her beauty, Eliza has a reserved personality and is very elegant. She displays a patience that is rivaled by few, as seen in her attitude towards Candace when the latter panicked about Jeremy complimenting Eliza's accent and not hers. She showed absolutely no sign of surprise upon witnessing what Candace's brothers are capable of. In Candace's view, Eliza is very "lady-like" and has very good manners.

During Candace's lessons, Eliza demonstrates an aggressive side of herself, her classical musical number shifting bluntly into a punk rock song. Since this happens particularly when she discusses what ladies shouldn't do, it is somewhat reflective of her namesake, Eliza Doolittle, whose true personality would show itself under her appearance of refinement..

Physical Appearance[]

Her appearance contrasts from the other members of the Fletcher family. Eliza has brown hair, which she wears in a short ponytail. She is slightly shorter and thinner than Candace. As for apparel, she wears a pair of black shoes along with a pair of blue jeans which are rolled up. Both are topped by a white buttoned-up collar shirt with a brown belt and a black jacket.

Background Information[]

  • Her middle name is Beckham; the name of a famous soccer/football player David Beckham.
  • Just like the rest of her family, she is a fan of the Snifferton Nostrils.
  • Her name comes from the character Eliza Dolittle from My Fair Lady.
  • She sang one song, How to Be a Lady.


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