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Edward "Eddie" Brock, Jr. is a reporter that has appeared in various Spider-Man comics, series and movies. In most, he has competed against Peter Parker, and after being humiliated when his work turned out not to be correct (either deliberately or through no fault of his own), was discovered by an alien symbiote and became Venom.

In Spider-Man 3

Eddie sought a job at the Daily Bugle. Since Peter Parker was already a staff photographer, the two competed for a job, and J. Jonah Jameson ordered him to get a picture of Spider-Man "with his hand in the cookie jar".

One night, he sees Spider-Man in a black suit on his way to fight Sandman. He says that he loves his new outfit and it's exactly what he needs to screw Parker. When Eddie was about to take a picture of him, Spider-Man uses his web to break the camera, responding with "see you chump!" and continues his search for Sandman.

Eddie turns in the desired pictures, but is humiliated and fired when Peter reveals they were altered versions of his photos. Eddie goes to a church to pray for vengeance. Spider-Man was in the same church, using the noise and vibrations from the church bells to remove the symbiote, which had been posing as his black costume.

The symbiote bonds with Eddie, forming Venom. He then seeks out the Sandman and plans a trap for Spider-Man. Spider-Man is assisted by Harry Osborn in the Green Goblin suit and the two defeat Sandman. Spider-Man begins removing the symbiote from Eddie and throws one of Osborn's grenades at it. Eddie attempts to save the symbiote, but both are killed.