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Easter Bunny is the character of Yogi the Easter Bear played by Rob Paulsen.


Easter Bunny appears in the TV Special he been bunny napped by Paulie and his henchmen Ernest but Yogi Bear and his best friend Boo-Boo Bear rescues him and they taking him to hen house that's where his friend Mildred the Magical Easter Chicken lives then group of kids and Ranger Smith is gonna very pleased, but then the big track with the weapons who inside the track it was Paulie and Ernest are chasing Yogi and his friends away, after Paulie and Ernest are defeat by the big bad bees Yogi, Boo Boo, Easter Bunny, and Mildred arrives the Easter Jamboree at Jellystone Park to visit for Easter eggs and candys Ranger Smith thanks Yogi to saved the day and he forgives him to stay in Jellystone, Boo Boo tell Smith to believe the Easter Bunny now Smith was right he was real, Easter Bunny could done it what out Ranger Smith when he was a kid and he asked for all these years: a double-decker raspberry-filled dark chocolate egg.