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Dylan is a Character of Metal Max Xeno.


The head of the bandits attacking around Iron Base. He was killing SoNs to clear his remorse. Talis and others guided me to the Iron Base, but because of the bad deeds of those days, the story of expulsion was raised. There are many rough remarks such as Female saying that it would be better to be violent, Female is very bad with Misaki. On the other hand, when Ittica, who has become a Toni, arrives at My Room in Night, he / she has some caution, such as paying attention once. Also, the act of bandit is something that Humans, who have no relatives, did in order to survive (though it must be a bad deed). With that in mind, it seems that he has not taken any particular action other than fighting with Misaki. It has the highest fighting power next to Maria, but the driving Lv is still low. Unique Skill increases ice damage.



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