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The Dream World, Dream Realm or Dream Land, is a fictional location featured in every piece of fiction. Every character has dreams, in one form or another. Most of the time, dreams have no affect in the Real World, but some characters can turn dreams into reality.

Locations in the Dream World


In the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the whole setting of Wonderland takes place in Alice's dream. Weather if it was just a dream or an actual place depends on what version of Alice you are looking at.

  • March Hare's House - the place where the Mad Tea Party takes place.
  • The Queen of Hearts' croquet ground - the place where Alice and the Queen play croquet
  • The Rabbit Hole - the entrance to Wonderland


The main population consists of animated playing cards: the royal family (hearts), courtiers (diamonds), soldiers (clubs), and servants (spades). In addition, there are many talking animals. Among the characters Alice meets are:



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Nightmare Realm

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Notable inhabitants

A Nightmare on Elm Street
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