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Dr. Two-Brains' Henchmen are villains in WordGirl. They are the evil doctor's hired hands and look the typical part, but do not actually seem very evil. It seems that most of the time, they either get him out of trouble or annoy him like crazy. They aren't very smart or scary, but help Two-Brains just for the sake of helping him and at times, even appear to have formed a friendship with WordGirl (however, nearly all of the villains seem to have a minor friendship with WordGirl before turning back to the crime they were committing). They wear green jumpsuits and bear Dr. Two-Brains' logo on the abdomens of their suits.

They will do most anything Two-Brains tells them to, though perhaps a bit too literally (for example, when Two-Brains tells them to obey the next person to wear his lab coat while he is gone in "Crime Takes a Holiday" and Glen - by a series of occurances - gets his lab coat, they disobey further orders from their real boss in favor of obeying Glen).

In addition to being fond of animals, the henchmen are excited by events and fun things such as vacations, fishing trips, and barbershop quartet competitions, thus further dampening their villainous image.

Although there are some times when Dr.Two-Brains is angry at his henchmen (such as when they ruin his plans), he also sometimes treats them as if they were his children; in "The Ballad of Steve McClean," when they asked if they could watch TV with him, Two-Brains asked "Have you both had your baths?". Another time, in "Kids Action News," when their plan to steal the world's largest grilled cheese sandwich failed, Two-Brains told his henchmen "You can watch the walls of your bedroom; you're grounded!"

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