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Dr. Satan (real name: Steve Wachowski) is the main antagonist of the 2009 adult animated film The Haunted World of El Superbeasto.


He has been trying to get everyone to call him Dr. Satan for years now. Ever since his horrific high school days where he was the stereotypical skinny, horny nerd-boy. Dr. Satan believes himself to be the most evil and ruthless mastermind in the underworld, even though he acts like a bratty 8-year-old. Otto, His ape sidekick, is the only one that gets away with anything remotely resembling insubordination. but all in takes to keep otto in his place is a cryptic "You Remember The Jungle. Don't You?"

Dr. Satan's only goal is to find the perfect wife and he truly relieves the 24th one is going to be the charm. For years he had been searching for just the right woman bearing Just The Right Mark The Mark Of Satan, of course and unfortunately wives 1 though 23 have all had. well almost the right marking. but so far, he's struck out.

But Dr. Satan keeps trying because according to the book of the dead, if he weds the woman bearing the special mark before midnight, he will inherit all the sudsy powers of hell. And what evil genius in his right mind wouldn't want that??

Dr. Satan's Lair is deep underground in dirty plottes cemetery. With his army of camera equipped voyeur bats, he spies endlessly on the women of Monster-land; searching for that special mark that at long last will bring him the dark power he so longs for.